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Its OK"A deep and rich Keemun, warming; a solid black."
Chelsy’s Teaview: 5.8/10
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The leaves are a pretty little twisted up black curl with flecks of umber in them. They smell wonderful dry, and mountain muggy when wet. I found that splashing this tea with a little bit of water in the pot before the brewing water is applied really enhances the flavour of the overall cup and aroma. I brewed this cup for two and a half minutes with water that had boiled and was just a tinge cooled from 100C.

There is a certain mugginess that I expect to come with Keemuns, and I really like this aspect. The Gong Fu had this aspect, though it was a little more mellow than I would typically expect. There was a slight metallic taste that I really didn't like, but the rest of the tea was very good, and felt velvety in my mouth. Overall, this is a great sipping tea, but the metallic hint didn't really agree with me.

I brewed another batch of leaves and the metallic flavour had dissipated, even though both infusions were made in my Phoenix Yixing. Also, with a little slathering of cream this tea goes a long way to my heart near breakfast time.

Keemun Gong Fu recently won a North American Tea Champion award: 1st place in the Keemun category. Congrats to Tao Tea Leaf.

— To purchase Tao Tea Leaf Keemun Gongfu, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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