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Its OK"This tea has an interesting flavour and a pleasant look and scent."
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Rogue Wave is a bold Japanese Sencha mixed with coconut and ginger. It has an interesting flavour but I don't think it is a tea that I would drink often. When drinking the tea, the flavour begins with a powerful sweet coconut, and then the sencha becomes the predominate flavour, the ginger is light, and cannot be tasted until after the bitterness of the sencha wears off. The ginger did not have as much flavour as I would have liked to taste in the tea and the coconut was a nice blend but came off a little too strong to start.

I brewed the tea as per the instructions on the website and made multiple cups. The first steep was quite different from the following ones. It started out quite strong in flavour and bitter with an intense coconut flavour. The green tea was smooth on the second steeping but still had a bitter quality to it. Following the first steep the tea also had a lighter coconut flavour. The ginger was almost unnoticeable though. The flavours, later on, were much more balanced then the first steep and the tea was more enjoyable. The tea, once brewed, was a light yellow/orange color, and the leaves are dark green with red and lighter green pieces in it. It has a very appealing look and scent to it.
Overall, the tea was enjoyable but I did feel that it was the strong coconut flavour and the bitterness of the green tea that caused the tea to not be one of my favourites. It would not be a tea that I would purchase but it is not one that I couldn’t stand.

The website was mostly easy to use. It was hard to find the brewing instructions at first but then I located them under the Tips and FAQ’s tab. However, there are two different sets of brewing instructions on the website under that tab and both have different temperatures and steeping times. This makes it a bit confusing and would be an important issue to address.

— To purchase White August Tea Co. Rogue Wave, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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