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Thumbs up!"This had a slightly bitter forefront, a citrus-tangy middle, and a "burnt flower" finish."
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Vicony Teas explains that Keemun Mao Feng differs from normal Keemun because the leaves are shaped to resemble Mao Feng green teas - that being, leaves and buds exactly the same shape and size. Other types of Keemun - such as the Congou type - can best be compared to a BOP (or Broken Orange Pekoe). The leaves aren't whole. Keemun Mao Feng, however, consists of nothing but whole leaves.

I personally noticed that the leaves for this variety didn't have as tippy a presence as some of Vicony's other offerings. Most were the usual curly, thinly-rolled, black reeds I'd come to expect. The aroma was rather lovely, though, betraying a smoky-sweet presence that made me think of burnt wine truffles. An odd image, I know.

Brewing instructions - as usual - couldn't be found on the Vicony site. Keemun teas were rather easy to prepare. Basically, a typical black tea approach was useful. Granted, that can vary from person-to-person. I brew my blacks on the light side and didn't deviate here. I used 1 tsp of leaves in 8oz of boiled water, then steeped them for three minutes. (A typical recommendation is four.)

The liquor infused to a lovely pale amber. A longer infusion time would've probably reddened it more, but this was fine by me. The aroma from the cup carried some of the smoke and sweetness I sniffed earlier. Flavor-wise, this had a slightly bitter forefront, a citrus-tangy middle, and a "burnt flower" finish. An odd sort of mix, to be sure. This Keemun doesn't quite hold up in comparison to the other Vicony teas I've had. The bitter foretaste - on so light a steep - was the major detractor. That said, I would still recommend it if only for the usual Keemun sweetness on display.

— To purchase Vicony Teas Gift Keemun Hong Mao Feng, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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