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Thumbs up!"Quite strong was the white grape presence that I actually had the urge to sip some wine while writing."
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I was a little downtrodden that I could find next-to-no information on the Ilam Chiya Bari tea estate. I found their listing in two online Nepalese phone books, and plenty of information on a Jun Chiya Bari estate, but nothing on Ilam. All I had to go on was the basic information provided by DarjeelingTeaXpress. This was a second flush FTGFOP1, meaning a top-quality orange pekoe. To date, I have had two Nepalese blacks - a first flush and a second. The latter met with resounding palate applause.

The leaves for this looked and smelled quite a bit like a Darjeeling on first impression. The leaves didn't have any green in the mix like with some Darjeeling second flushes, but the requisite spicy smell was alive and kicking. I was surprised at the presence of some downy/fuzzy-tipped buds in the mix. Some golden tips could be discerned in the fray as well, somewhat exciting me to the possibility of a nectary cup.

Brewing instructions called for a 90C water temperature and a three-and-a-half-minute steep. 90C roughly translated to 194F in "stupid American" degrees. Best bet I've found with OPs from Darjeeling or Nepal was to guesstimate a little. For this, I brought water to just below a boil and steeped for three minutes; 1 tsp in 8oz worth.

The liquor brewed up in a way that was no surprise - to a light gold-to-amber infusion with a muscatel nose. Quite strong was the white grape presence that I actually had the urge to sip some wine while writing. The initial sip was incredibly smooth; no bite to it whatsoever, very close to a first flush impression. The body of the flavor held on to the grape note in a lingering fashion. The aftertaste could only be described as mildly apple-sweet. While definitely not a run-of-the-mill black, it didn't quite "WOW!" me. However, it was still quite wonderful to slurp. No bitterness.

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2 Responses to “Review: DarjeelingTeaXpress Special Himalayan Second Flush Black Tea”

  1. Bachan Gyawali Says:

    Hi Geoff,

    Ilam Chiyabari is a new tea company that is less than a year old! It is a sister concern of Jun Chiyabari, which is now in it’s 9th year of production.

    We will be building up Ilam Chiyabari’s profile slowly in the coming days and I will be very happy to provide any further information should you be interested!

    Warm regards,

    Bachan Gyawali
    Founder / Owner
    Ilam Chiyabari
    Aitabare, Fikkal

  2. Geoff Says:

    Thank you for the response, Bachan! That clears it up tremendously. Good luck on the new venture. You’re off to a good start with the new company.

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