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Thumbs up!"It was smooth, with no acidity, and so sweet! It has a toasty, slightly fruity flavor, with a bit of a chocolate background. It is very smooth on the tongue."
Melanie’s Teaview: 9.2/10
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Vicony Teas is a treasure house of Keemun teas. Though I am a consistent black tea drinker, my tastes have primarily focused on Indian and Sri Lankan teas. Though aware of Keemun, I had never understood the depth of variety and flavor available.

I was delighted to find out that this tea, Gift Keemun, was considered to be Queen Victoria's favorite tea. It is called Gift Qimen (Keemun) because it was often used as chinese national gift for foreign dignitaries. It was said that the Qimen Hong Mao Feng was presented to Queen Victoria as the Gift Tea during Her birthday.

If you visit Vicony teas, you will find that they only sell wholesale, in larger quantities, but you will also find more than 15 different Keemun teas! I really enjoyed reading through their website as they offer so much information about their history and their teas. If you visit the website, I strongly encourage you to check out the "About Us" section.

But now.... on to this wonderful tea. It is the prettiest black tea I have ever seen. It is curly and very thin, and is dotted with golden tips. It smells a bit like leather and spice. The scent of the dry leaves doesn't reveal how sweet this tea is.

Being my first experience with a quality Keemun, I assumed it should be prepared as any black tea. My first pot, however, was not extremely successful. Unfortunately, there are no brewing instructions on the website.

So I did some research and after several tries, I found that one tsp scoop of tea for every 8 oz of water, steeped for 3 min was perfect! This recipe produced a gorgeous dark golden reddish liquor.

I also researched how most people drink this tea... black... with milk... sugar? I found all kinds of opinions, so I tried every way. I was surprised how sweet this tea was and though I usually use milk and bit of sugar in my black tea, I really enjoyed this black. It was smooth, with no acidity, and so sweet! It has a toasty, slightly fruity flavor, with a bit of a chocolate background. It is very smooth on the tongue.

When milk is added, the toasty flavor and spicy aftertaste is diminished. I liked it a lot with a bit of milk added. It's so sweet that if you need to add sugar, be careful not to use too much. I think honey is better and compliments the flavors of the tea, but to be honest, it's so naturally sweet, I didn't need any sweetener.

I read that Keemun can be brewed a second time. So I gave this a try and loved it! The second time I steeped it for 5 min and it was much lighter and the flavors were harder to distinguish, but it still had a wonderful flavor.

I also brewed one pot and I over filled it so it didn't all fit into my cup at the 3 minute steep time. I came back about 4 min later and poured the rest into a standby cup and then drank that as well. It was very strong and I needed milk with this. However, it was not ruined like many black teas would be. It had a bit of a sharp aftertaste, but was still delicious.

I am so glad to have discovered Vicony Teas and their lovely Keemun teas.

— To purchase Vicony Teas Gift Keemun Hong Mao Feng, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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