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Thumbs up!"What could be better than tea infused desserts to a true tea lover?"
Laura’s Teaview: 8.5/10
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I was so excited to receive this package of confections from American Tea Room. What could be better than tea infused desserts to a true tea lover? A letter accompanied the package giving a description of each item that is made exclusively for American Tea Room by Valerie Confections.

Extreme Vanilla Tea Cake: this is a round darker frosted tea cake. Being that I stock some of their Extreme Vanilla in my personal tea collection, I sought this one out first. It is indeed a vanilla cake that looks to be infused with their Extreme Vanilla tea blend and maybe some pieces of vanilla bean. It is indeed vanilla flavored, but not as Extreme as I was maybe hoping for. It tastes mostly like vanilla cake with a bit of the Extreme Vanilla aftertaste. Given that the Extreme Vanilla tea blend from ATR is vanilla in-your-face, I was hoping this would scream Extreme Vanilla at more a touch more than it did. Still, a very tasty treat.

Lavender Earl Grey Tea Cake: this is a lighter frosted tea cake. I must say that the lavender and earl grey are quite balanced in the little tea cake. They play nicely together and the overall flavor profile of this tea cake seems to be a bit more pronounced than in the Extreme Vanilla version. I also think that Valerie Confections might have frosted this with a lemony icing which gives a nice refreshing pop to the bergamot, which is rather vibrant to begin with. I found it to be nicely done and I would certainly eat this again.

Lavender Earl Grey Petit Four: this is a square white chocolate petit four with a sugar preserved rose petal. This was almost too pretty to eat! The cake inside the petit four was moist and delicious. The Earl Grey seemed to dominate the lavender in the petit four and the lemony icing between the layers of cake kinda stole the show. I have to tell you that lemony icing is like crack! It is a rich icing that is not too sugary. Think icing for adults at a high end restaurant---not the stuff you buy in the can or get from your local grocery store bakery. This one was rich and yummy. By the time I was done with it, I had to get a glass of milk. This one was absolutely my favorite of the confections!!

The Matcha Petit Four: this is a round white chocolate with matcha. I tasted this one without reading the description and knew immediately that it was a white chocolate and matcha pairing. The white chocolate adds the desired creaminess to the matcha and the cake is representative of the flavor of matcha, but not intensely so. Matcha is more something that I tolerate than love and I found this one to be my least favorite of the confections. However, this one is sure to appeal to lovers of matcha.

All of the previously mentioned confections are sold together in a delightful little petit four gift set by American Tea Room. They make a delightful gift for the tea lover and even folks with a pretty intense sweet tooth, such as myself, will have trouble getting through them in one sitting.

A final confection that was sent along from American Tea Room is their tea bark. It is described as 71% dark chocolate tea bark enrobed with apricots and Tangier tea. This was the biggest winner of the confections sent along from ATR. The chocolate was dark and rich and was exemplary of a high end chocolate. Much better quality than any dark chocolate that you would find at a convenience store. It has little pieces of apricots that add interest and also has notes of their Tangier tea, one of my personal favorites. This is a decadent treat that I thoroughly enjoyed. I will say that I did wish that the Tangier was a bit more obvious in it's presence, but the rich (and delicious) dark chocolate used here overpowers it some. I love dark chocolate, but would also say that the Tangier might shine a dark chocolate that has a lower cacao %. That is neither here nor there because this is Deeeeeelicious.

As a final note, I recently tried American Tea Room's Almond Toffee Treats and their Citrus Bark. As much as I loved the tea confections, I fell in love with the toffee and the citrus bark. They are my overall top picks if you are looking to add a gourmet treat to your shopping cart to enjoy alongside your tea---yes, even over the Tangier Bark. The Almond Toffee is a substantial piece of toffee covered in a rich chocolate with almonds. It is magnifique. The Citrus Bark features chocolate with bits of orange and lemon zest/rinds that are candied. Those candied pieces of the citrus along with chocolate is delicious. I have more of both coming in the mail and I can't wait for them to get here so I can satisfy my sweet tooth.

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