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Thumbs up!"Best guess I could make was the mint-muted ginger."
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A little background. No, not on the blend just yet, but the events leading up to trying the blend. I had just made a run to Jack in the Box and was belching fire. (Damn you, spicy chicken sammich!) The time I got home? Midnight. So, technically, it was morning by the time I tried Morning Blossom.

I found it odd that it was named as such, given its ingredients - peppermint, spearmint, rose, ginger and alfalfa. Neither spearmint or peppermint can be considered wake-up herbs by any stretch, or rose for that matter. Ginger? I suppose that "could" have zing to it, and I can't say I know much about alfalfa other than its status as herbivore bait.

Most of the ingredients of the blend were readily apparent. Peppermint and spearmint took up the leafy leverage, while purple flecks of rose, beige alfalfa, and bits of ginger rounded it out. As for the aroma, no surprise there. Peppermint cleaned out the sinuses with the fluoride-like spearmint picking up the leftovers.

Brewing instructions for all of Sacred Rose's tisanes called for 1 teaspoon per cup and a steep of three-to-five minutes. Like with all the others, I obeyed the recommendations to the letter and infused at the greater length of time.

The liquor brewed to a very bold, foggy prime-yellow. Can't say I've ever run into either a tea or tisane that ever yellowed this much. It almost makes me wish there was snow to pour it on, so as to trick passersby. (End of inappropriate joke. Moving on.) The aroma had a citrusy profile, which is odd since there weren't any lemony herbs in the mix. Best guess I could make was the mint-muted ginger. The mints and ginger carried through almost undeterred to the taste. All three dominated the front and middle, whereas the finish was...something else. Floral maybe? I dunno. In short, it earned a very big "LIKE!".

— To purchase Sacred Rose Morning Blossom, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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