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Thumbs up!"Sweetness imparted by the rooibos kept the sour aspect of the scent at bay; sugar crystals also had something to do with that. Probably. "
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I've mentioned in the past that I am a pure, un-adulterated apologist of green rooibos. It is my absolute favorite herbal. It is the "un-green tea" - all of the strengths of its camellia counterpart, none of the weaknesses. It even surpasses its more well-known redder kin by a mile with a sweet, honey-like delivery that is both mild and refreshing. It's perfect on its own. Sometimes when blenders try to add to perfection, things get a little dicey. EuroTCup decided to use a green rooibos base for an all-out lemon attack. This could work, but how well?

Ingredients for this loaded blend included "organic green rooibos (min. 80%), lemon slices (min. 4%), sugar crystals, flavouring, lemon pieces, organic lemon grass, everlasting flowers, redcurrants." I cocked an eyebrow at the mention of only 4% lemon slices. They were huge slices. The sugar crystals were also large and...oddly Freudian. They were right about green rooibos dominating as the base, though, which made me happy. The aroma - oddly enough - reminded me of grapefruit rather than lemons, which was an anomaly I ran into with another rooibos/lemon combination. Something about those two made a different fruit impression.

Brewing instructions weren't located on the site. Typical approach for rooibos or fruit blends was 1 heaping teaspoon of "shtuff" in 8oz of boiled water, steeped for six-to-eight minutes. I went with six to be on the moderate side. For once.

The infusion colored to a foggy gold with a bold citrus rind presence. The lemon "whirl"-pool was in effect on the nose. Sweetness imparted by the rooibos kept the sour aspect of the scent at bay; sugar crystals also had something to do with that. Probably. They certainly affected the flavor, turning the blend into a borderline Lemon Drop. Yes, I mean the alcoholic drink. All that was missing was a fancy, sugar-ringed cocktail glass. I will cave a bit by saying this was one of the better green rooibos blends I've tried. It's still not as perfect as green rooibos all by its lonesome. Blending that wonderful herb is like transferring a film to 3D in post-production. What's the point? And with that geeky analogy out of the way, I now have some sipping to do.

— To purchase EuroTcup Lemon Whirl, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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