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Thumbs up!"A minty note greeted the tongue first, toasty nuttiness followed close behind, and the last passengers off the "flavor bus" were unidentifiably herbacious."
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The promise extolled by Sacred Rose about Clearing Tea is that it helps rid the body of unwanted thoughts, feelings, and (on the physical front) detoxifies the colon. The blend's primary goal is to provide cathartic release of stress and trauma and the physical maladies that come with it. If there was ever a month I needed a "tea" like was this one.

The blend included black walnut bark, taheebo, spearmint, sage and rose hips. Taheebo is another name for lapacho (Pau D'arco) - the inner lining of a tree native to Central and South America. I've had it in two different forms before, and found the taste neutral-to-agreeable. It's "technically" wood and tastes like it, but many health properties are associated with it. The other ingredients were known to be on the holistic front except for black walnut bark. No clue what that was there to contribute.

The boldest presence on smell was the spearmint, which often emits an odor like toothpaste. This time - in conjunction with the woodier elements in the batch - it smelled like peppermint. Green leaves dominated the blend's visual array but reddish lapacho strips and rose hips did make their presence known.

Brewing for all Sacred Rose blends called for 1 teaspoon of herb to 1 cup of boiled water with a steep of three-to-five minutes. I was too tired to change things up, so I went with their recommendations to the letter. Generally, with herbals, I would've gone for six minutes, but I wasn't sure of how some of the elements would handle it.

The liquor brewed chestnut brown, which was something I was not expecting at all. I assumed the walnut bark had something to do with that. None of the other elements - even the lapacho - would've resulted in a cup that color. The aroma had several layers; spearmint dialed in first, followed by something equal parts creamy and woody. I had no idea what I was in for and took a precarious sip. A minty note greeted the tongue first, toasty nuttiness followed close behind, and the last passengers off the "flavor bus" were unidentifiably herbacious.

I can say it was a relaxing beverage with a smooth delivery, and that seems to be the case with almost all of Sacred Rose's blends. Some skimp on taste for health properties, but they're all smooth for the most part. This, at least, was smooth and satisfying. Dunno if it did anything cathartic to me, though, other than a sigh of relief with the sip.

— To purchase Sacred Rose Clearing Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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