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Its OK"Sweetened, it tastes mild and good and would appeal to a wide audience as there are no stand out flavors to make one feel strongly about it either way. "
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Okay, I have to admit that reading the ingredients list pertaining to this blend at the Euro T Cup website turned out to be somewhat surprising. Information wise, there weren't too many surprises (except the inclusion of cumin seed in the blend. That was new to me and interesting). No, what made me chuckle a little was the following description of the tisane itself, offered by Euro T Cup and perhaps indicating that translations can sometimes be funny...or that the person writing the descriptions should perhaps rewrite this one. Here's the description: "Premium herbal tea blended to aid good digestion and release flatulence. This miraculous blend will have a positive influence on your metabolic process in digestive tract." I don't think a tisane that "releases flatulence" is likely to be high on anyone's list of "must try tisanes" but be that as it may and without embracing its "miraculous" potentials, try it I did.

Here's what I found. This tea has a really earthy profile due to, I think, the cumin and fennel additions, and perhaps even the peppermint, which is not particularly minty tasting. I tried a pot unsweetened to start, using about 2 T to a 24 ounce pot that I shared with my husband (who also had a giggle over the description). Unsweetened, this tisane was overly herby tasting, kind of full in taste but flat and a little dirty tasting. I didn't care for it. I made another pot tonight using the same parameters for preparation. I boiled the water and allowed a five minute steep, but this time I added a shot of liquid stevia. This improved matters tastewise. While still an herbal-ier tisane with an earthy sort of taste at the root, sweetener brings the chamomile to the forefront and makes for a honeyed taste (in fact, I think this tisane would benefit from the addition of honey or even brown rice syrup, something viscous and either very sweet or mildly sweet...) The chamomile isn't strong, per se, but it comes across more apparently than the peppermint, which is a bit of a surprise. I think you can still appreciate elements from the cumin and fennel, which adds substance and something grounding to this tisane. Without sweetener, though, there's nothing about this blend that would make me reach for it. I'd go for a pu-erh or simple peppermint, or just a tiny handful of fennel to chew on if I wanted help for digestion or something soothing after a meal.

Sweetened, this tisane is more enjoyable. I can't say that there is anything about it that particularly grabs my attention (with the exception of the description) but I could comfortably serve it to a mixed group of people at an evening gathering, say a book club or something, or after a later meal when caffeine might be tricky. It tastes mild and good and would appeal to a wide audience as there are no crazy stand out flavors to make one feel strongly about it. I could see reaching for it as a sleepy time sort of tisane, too. This isn't a bad blend and if you are looking for an herbal digestive tisane, this would make a nice one to add to your shopping basket at Euro T Cup. For myself, it's probably not one I'd go out of my way to seek out.

— To purchase EuroTcup Tisane for Good Digestion, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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