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Thumbs up!"True to the leaf, it’s both herbal and coolly sweet, to hold its own in the mass of peppermint teas while the long, lingering peppermint aftertaste would be a fine fill in for good dental hygiene"
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Cool, clean and refreshing, a good peppermint tea is always a fortunate find and always good to have on hand. Given their wide availability, Stash’s peppermint tisane is as easy to pick up at the store as it is to take on the go since it comes in individually wrapped packages with all the information needed to bring on the peppermint, from the brewing instructions written on the package. There too, are the ingredients, which as expected, consist solely of peppermint leaves that aptly match the package’s specific hue. Not only do they contain peppermint but specifically Oregon peppermint leaves which happens to be the Chivas of peppermint as the United States leader of the peppered leaf. Yet it would be hard to recognize the leaves, as one can see once the sachet is wet, the leaves are almost a green dust of pieces. Jumping on into the package, the tea has a zesty medium scent. There’s no mistaking it is peppermint from the aroma which combines the cooling sweetness and herbal zeal of wild peppermint. Yet the scent is more candy like than leafy, having a scotch mint kind of enthusiasm. With multiple sniffs, one can almost get a chilly nose, feeling the icy peppermint essence as you inhale. However the herbal notes, somewhat cough lozenge like are almost hot, playing about equally with the peppermint mintiness in the bouquet rather than a peppermint extract or completely clear minty scent. Although a bit sharp and dry, it does capture both parts of peppermint leaves in the bouquet without any toothpaste overtones, although it isn’t as suave or freshly sweet as fresh peppermint.
Yet, still sweet and minty enough, the aroma sparks a familiar excitement to brew as I once drank peppermint tisane nightly before bed but now as I drink more teas, encountering peppermint more as a live culinary sprig, it reminds me of my affection for peppermint tea’s soothing character. On the package, Stash suggests brewing the sachet for three to five minutes so I opted for three for the first steep. Despite staying on the low end of brewing times, the infusion limbers up with a medium colour. The greenish brown cup has a medium bouquet, that seems nicer as brewing softens the pungency or edgier greenness of the dry aroma. Thus, the scent pleasantly combines herbal and peppermint notes that still have a nice, cooling feel.
Surprisingly though, the flavour is less intense than the aroma suggests. It still has minty impact which seems to hit most at the end of each sip with a long aftertaste, delighting the tongue with a minty linger and leaving one’s mouth deliciously clean feeling. The substance of the sip is light to medium bodied with a light minty, stemmy flavour that doesn’t have much perk or definition. The herbal quality of the flavour is more stem-like than leafy or fresh green and the mint is subtle in the body, apart from the lovely aftertaste. Despite being non-caffeinated, there’s a slight tinge of astringency that seems to come and go while drinking, yet it tingles with a green tinny feel at the tip of one’s tongue which I’d guess is from the polyphenols let out from the small pieces of the leaves.
As easy as it goes down, I thought I’d try out the bag for a second steep despite it being an herbal. After extending the brewing time for a full five minutes, the second cup is almost as dark as the first. The scent holds on too with some sweetness to the peppermint. Although the mintiness of the bouquet seems stream-lined, it’s not quite as endearing as the first cup, losing the cooling calm and seeming more dry and stem-like to almost be a bit papery smelling. The taste is subdued with a light stemmy flavour, yet the peppermint in the finish is still sweetly long lasting. From the ease of brewing and the tenacity of the aftertaste upon chilling, the tea could readily perk up a Brita for a cold steep and a refreshing replacement to bottled water.

Well, there’s no need to hit your neighbour up for peppermint tea with Stash’s Peppermint tisane likely as easy as a scribble on your grocery list. While it may not be the sweetest leaf or penultimate peppermint experience, the tisane does make for a tasty minty herbal that would leave one’s breath fresher than most other beverages with its enduring mintiness. So, it would be a great sip to keep the garlic at bay when in adoring company or for a mid-day breath freshener as much as a night time dream weaver.

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