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Thumbs up!"I liked the plum/berry flavor and the way the personality morphs when consumed hot versus cold."
Laura’s Teaview: 7.8/10
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"Black tea delightfully married with French plums, cranberries, and raspberries then kissed with just a touch of strawberry essence." ---White August website.

White August is a tea company that was unbeknownst to me prior to their sending in samples to Teaviews for review. A quick surf of their website shows that they have a nice variety of teas for the purist and those that love flavored teas alike. While they don't list ingredients on the website (pet peeve), their descriptions give you a fairly good idea of what to expect. This offering appears to have little slivers of dried berries and some type of flower petal shreds that look a bit like saffron to me. When I tore open my sample package of this, I greeted by a very robust berry scent that I wouldn't necessarily pinpoint as being plum. It smelled delicious all the same.

I prepared this using the middle ground of White August's brewing parameters, which is essentially a 195 degree water temp and a 4 min infusion. The aroma coming from the prepared cup also screamed of berries. The tea base is a bit of a stronger one and it does actually manage to stand up to the rather full berry flavor profile. It is smooth, strong, a bit dry and gives up notes of wood. Overall, it is of a fairly good quality especially for a flavored tea blend. This is an excellent berry flavored tea, but I personally had a hard time pinpointing the dominant berry as being plum----that is until it cooled a bit! There are a number of plum tea blends on the market and I would have to say that this is one of the better done ones as it is not accompanied by the dreaded, tart hibiscus. Plum doesn't always dominate the palate and at times it tasted more like some of the other berries. However, I will remind that this one is a sweet plum and not a tart plum. I did enjoy this best with a few rocks of German rock cane sugar. This one also took a splash of cream very nicely and I, once again, appreciated the lack of hibiscus, which makes cream curdle. I did end of icing a portion of this as recommended by the tea company. The black tea base is nice and strong and the plum flavor takes on a slightly different personality and delivers a delicious finish and aftertaste.

Overall, this is a well done blend that is enjoyable both hot and cold, although I personally would likely consume this one as an iced tea. The ingredients taste of a decent quality, but the tea base is just a bit too woody to match my personal taste preference and make me totally crave this. However, I suspect that the tea base used in this would deliver a lot of fans. Of course, this one also has a pricepoint that commands the use of quality leaf and ingredients. I liked the plum/berry flavor and the way the personality morphs when consumed hot versus cold. If you are looking for a sweet plum tea with a quality tea base albeit strong and woody, then look no further.
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