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Thumbs up!"A pretty unique novelty tea, although even with the fun flavor added, I don't think it is among the best matcha I have had. "
Vanessa’s Teaview: 7/10
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Red Leaf Tea has a whole new line-up of flavored matcha teas. This is highly unusual to me, as even though I hardly claim to be a matcha expert, I will say that I have never had anything other than pure, unflavored matcha before. The first flavored Red Leaf matcha I chose to sample was the Pure organic jasmine matcha. This product is prepared by grinding up jasmine flowers and mixing them in with the matcha. The first thing I noticed about this tea was the color of the powder. I have sampled a variety of different matcha, and those I consider far amongst the best were a vibtrant neon green color that just seemed to exude freshness. This particular offering is a little dull in color. Rather than being a bright green, it is more of a dusty moss green. I am not sure if perhaps that is because of the addition of ground jasmine flowers. The aroma of the powder does contain a slight floral scent, but the predominant aroma is clearly that of the matcha, and it is a strong and sweet aroma at that. I prepared my tea using the guidelines on the Red Leaf Tea website. The liquid stays true to the color of the dry powder, with an opaque and dark mossy green color. The flavor of this tea is, above all else, interesting. I am not sure that I really loved this tea, but the novelty of a jasmine-flavored matcha (or maybe just any flavored matcha) kept me interested and going back for more. The jasmine flavor is more subtle than I expected, although realistically, matcha is a pretty strong flavor in itself, so a fair amount of jasmine would have been needed to overcome the matcha base. The matcha base itself is sweet and certainly green in its flavor. It is a pretty standard matcha flavor, and while not bad in any particular sense, it clearly lacks the "wow factor" that I have experienced in some of what I consider to be the best matcha offerings available. I guess the bottom line here is that I see this as a pretty unique novelty tea and probably not one that is readily available everywhere. However, even with the fun flavor added, I don't think it is among the best matcha I have had. It will, though, inspiree discussions amongst tea-lovers who share this brew. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an out-of-the ordinary tea.

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