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Thumbs up!"Satisfactory in providing a tasty, minty cup any time of day."
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As I have indicated in other Sacred Rose reviews on Teaviews, they are a company that expresses many verbose statements about their teas providing various healing powers for one's mental and physical well being. Whether or not you buy into all the new age philosophies, I am here to generally report the taste and enjoyment of the tea, but also to reiterate what the purveyor states about their tea offerings.

Morning Blossom is "an invigorating blend of peppermint, spearmint, rose, ginger and alfalfa that encourages motivation and joyful experiences. On the physical level Morning Blossom® assists the respiratory system and metaphysically it opens the Heart Chakra to a reciprocal balance of giving and receiving self, romantic and planetary love." On this day, I am just looking for it to make my sore throat feel better. But my taste buds are still fully operational, so I am confident this tea can get a proper review. Certain species of roses have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, and are said to aid in curing stomach ailments. Ginger is used to prevent colds, aid digestion, suppress nausea and sooth throats (bring it on!). Alfalfa - also used in Chinese medicine - is high in protein, calcium and various vitamins and minerals, and has also been used to aid in digestion.

The dry blend is a dusty coating of the aforementioned ingredients, shredded to a good size and consistency. The aroma is very minty on the nose, which all but overpowers the other ingredients, yet is gently soothing and not a mint-attack. As with some of Sacred Rose's other blends I have encountered, the tea brews up to a quite-cloudy yellow-green translucent liquor -- most likely due to the ginger ingredient. A 6 minute steep (one minute longer than I would usually brew, but wanting to extract throat-soothing essentials as much as possible) does a nice job at tasting good and providing a comforting cup to pour down my inflamed esophagus.

The aroma in the cup is minty with a bit of earthy backbone. Flavorwise, mintiness reigns supreme again, but also presents a gritty bite as well. As for soothing my throat, it has a slight effect, but not enough to completely calm the harsh unpleasantness of my current condition. Nonetheless, I will be drinking this tea all day long for comfort, and it is satisfactory in providing a tasty, minty cup any time of day.

— To purchase Sacred Rose Morning Blossom, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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