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Thumbs up!"Paired with the right foods it can be interesting, unique, and pretty tasty."
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This is my first experience with flavoured matcha, partly because they're not an easy tea to find and partly because there's no way I would buy an entire tin without knowing beforehand what I'm getting into. I'm excited for the chance to finally try one, but if I'm being honest, I'm also a wee bit terrified. The first thing I notice when I open the package is that the powder is a dull green. This isn't the best start since it indicates the tea is somewhat old, but depending on how the flavour comes across it may not matter that much.

I whisk up 1 teaspoon of matcha in about 3 ounces of 160° water. It whisks up nicely and the froth stays around long enough for me to drink it at my leisure. It smells fruity and vegetal - but not in a natural tea way. It's more an odd dichotomy of flavours that don't particularly belong together. It's odd... almost tasty, but something about it is too pungent to be really delicious. The matcha itself tastes, for lack of a better description, almost exactly like freshly mowed grass. As I said, it may be somewhat old, but even with that consideration in mind, it's got a different character than most matcha. The pomegranate makes the tea very unique. I'm not sure I could say it's strongly pomegranate, but it's definitely a fruitiness of some sort. Overall, while it has some potent flavour, the tea is just too muddled to really shine.

But then I lucked upon something amazing. Feeling peckish, I grabbed some berries to munch on while sipping the latter half of my somewhat mediocre matcha. I ate a few berries then sipped some matcha and it was spectacular. Normally I don't enjoy like flavours being paired. I once ate popcorn while drinking matcha and it was terrible. Too much of the same. But eating berries beforehand brings out the pomegranate, making it a delightfully fruity drink. The sweetness of the food brought out the sweetness of the tea, making it less like mowed grass and more like sweet hay.

Plain, it's a bit too odd and too potent to be very good. It's not bad but it isn't something I want to drink again. I'd rate it tops a 5 out of 10. I couldn't recommend it, even just to have something different. But paired with the right foods it can be interesting, unique, and pretty tasty. I still probably wouldn't buy it, but I'm glad I got to try it, and I will enjoy the rest of my sample. If you're interested in trying some fruity matcha-s, this might not be a bad places to start.

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  1. Kathy C Says:

    Good, not great but good.

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