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Its OK"Much more mint than green tea or spice, it has a pleasantly natural, leafy mint scent and flavour with just a twist of cardamom and less of cloves adding to the mint’s coolness."
Raven’s Teaview: 6.8/10
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I was at the dentist the other day and as I braced myself for the probing fingers, my dentist’s stomach gurgled. In the quiet breezy space of the fluorescent lights, it was hard not to hear it so it did give me some entertainment as I had my check-up. But it also got me thinking about what remedies one might try to avoid such events and the easing nature of mint seems a possible ticket. Thus, when I saw Ducky Life’s Susan’s Mint Medley where they mention such gastric calming power of mint, it seemed a choice selection to try out Ducky Life Tea for the first time. As a combination of mints and spices in a green tea, it also seemed to bring a different twist to the mint tea groove. Although the exact twist is a surprise or Susan's secret since there's no other details on the Ducky Life Tea website about which spices or green tea make up the mix.... or rather medley. And who isn't up for a good medley? Plus, as an additional incentive, 10% of the proceeds of the tea go towards Alzheimer’s research as one of their Give Back teas which is even nicer, although this may be reflected in the price.

Ready to see how Susan’s hand was at mint mixing, I burst into the package. What awaits is easy to identify and quite visibly minty. Actually, the blend is almost all mint so spotting other ingredients takes a bit of a tussle. Yet, the fern green pieces seem a bit larger than just herb sized, rather than ground to specks. They look freshly dried with their verdant hue and the veins on some of the leaf pieces. As a green tea, there is only a shy amount, 10 percent perhaps, whose leaf pieces peek out of the mint as dark blackish green waves and curls, similar to a hyson green tea. Also along for the ride, the spices are a bit of an easier find, although they are equally slight. Clay, black and terracotta coloured cardamom seeds and dark coal brown stems can be found that seem like cloves pieces while fewer one square centimeters of cinnamon are also in attendance but all in all, the tea is much more mint than anything else. So Susan does like her mint and perhaps not her caffeine as it would seem darn near a tisane.

Once the leaves are out to play, the medium scent echos the leaves appearance. Smelling mostly of mint, the leafy mint aroma is pleasantly bright. It does seem mainly spearmint having a connectedness to good old Trident spearmint but the bouquet has a lovely, natural, dry herbaceousness to the mint notes. It has a shade of green sweetness, without a candied or sugary intensity to the mintiness. Easing out of the spearmint and peppermint, there’s a subtle cardamon and clove aroma which seem to ameliorate the light, slightly cooling feel of the scent.

Ducky Life Tea suggests brewing just three quarters of a teaspoon with boiled water left for two minutes to cool which they kindly include on the package. Instead, I divvied out a heaping teaspoon with cooled boiling water that had reached about 175°F, keeping the green tea in mind. Steeping sprouts a medium dark brownish gold, tinted with the mint’s kiss of leafy green. It’s not the cheeriest looking but happily, the bouquet has as much vitality as the leaves with a medium aroma of mint. It is a slightly dry mintiness, that is quite nice, very naturally minty, with a hint of herbal sweetness. An undercurrent of cardamom ebbs out of the minty high notes quite harmoniously, finishing on an edge of cloves. Yet, the bouquet is primarily spearmint with just a touch of the spice tugging at its heels that seems to roughen the clean, sweet refreshment of the mint with its slight peppered earthiness. Even so, the mint is light hearted and without knowing there were spices in the mix, one might not notice them.

However, they do play into the cup. The easy medium body still seems mostly spearmint, being a warmer mint rather than a cooler one. It is a lovely mint flavour that has a dry leafiness to it a bit like eating a mint leaf. As the mint starts the sip, it slips into cardamom that is pure tasting and slightly soapy. There’s an appreciated synchronicity between the mint’s mintiness and the camphoric quality of the cardamom, as they blend well but it also seems to subdue the green sweetness. The cloves add a slight warmth to the end of the cardamom flavour but they are just a hint. There isn’t any signs of the green tea but the flavour is full enough, not to miss it. Moving from the natural tone of the mint, the tea has a medium finish with just a little aftertaste of mintiness as one progresses through the cup.

But from the minty calm, it’s enough to storm up to another cup. Although after a second steeping, the aroma seems to collapse some, the tea retains a light to medium bouquet of the gently sweet herbal spearmint with a touch of earthiness from the spices. The taste, too, still has a light, pleasing spearmint flavour as a faint cardamom rounds out the sip. There’s no aftertaste but it does leave one’s mouth feeling clean. While a third cup continues to look lively with its medium brownish gold, the scent and flavour seem a bit too faint to keep one’s attention.

Ducky Life’s Susan’s Mint Medley is indeed easy on the tummy with its soothing air and kind, simple mint goodness. However, the spices don’t add as much to the blend as I anticipated, nor does the green tea which makes it less of a stand-out amidst the number of mint teas out there, apart from the good cause it contributes to. But it is tasty enough for a troubled tummy or a tremored afternoon for one….. or one’s dentist.

— To purchase Ducky Life Tea Susan’s Mint Medley, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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