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As if Red Leaf Tea needed more matcha. Apparently, at their home office, the credo is: “Too much is never enough.” Don’t believe me? Look at their Earl Grey collection. Bergamoty stuff as far as the eye can see. I thought I had a handle on what Red Leaf had to offer in the matcha department…but it seems they were holding back. Their Royal Matcha (which I liked) was not the end-all/say-all. Three new challengers appeared, and I had the opportunity to try all three. First up: Their Imperial Matcha.

The powder for this stuff was absolutely beautiful. While not a deep, dark and crisp green, it was bold in its presentation – bright and clean. On the nose, I detected an initial sweetness on the front followed by a requisite grass and seaweed dual lean. In other words, exactly what I expect from a high quality, (hopefully) koicha-grade matcha.

A typical approach for me when dealing with the good stuff is 4 chashaku (bamboo) spoonfuls of powder to 1 bowl with 4oz of 165F water – whisked to green-hued perfection with a chasen (bamboo whisk). I went with exactly that here, no deviation. If it was any good, it would hold up well. Prior to that, though, I did a coldwater pre-sift with a chasen to get rid of any meteoric clumps.

The green tea soupy mixture frothed up beautifully. There was a velvety layer of tiny bubbles that didn’t dissipate, even after whisking. To the taste, the liquor possessed quite the vegetal front, but it smoothed out quickly into a sweet and kelpy note. What finish there was erred on the side of floral, which I loved. My favorite part was the texture – silky from start to finish. Worth a sipper’s valuable time.

— To purchase Red Leaf Tea Imperial Matcha – Organic, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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