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Thumbs up!"It was like someone melted green tea ice cream over a mochi ball and told me to drink."
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Red Leaf Tea mentions that this matcha required strict geographical and growing/cultivating conditions to make it the masterpiece that it is. Unfortunately, there was no mention of what those considerations were. Maybe it’s a geek thing, but I like to know where my tea comes from, especially matcha. The best seem to be from Nishio and Uji. I wasn’t quite sure if this stuff came from either region, but it certainly looked the part.

The powder was a bold and vibrant green with an incredibly sweet aroma. On first whiff, I thought I was dealing with one of their fruit-flavored matchas. I double-checked and did a sniff test. Nope, this was the real deal – sweet smelling with no real vegetal kickback. No wonder they called it a “Connoisseur’s Matcha”. I was still strictly in the semi-sophisticated category, but I had yet to find an “Amateur Appreciator’s Matcha”. C’est la vie.

Since this was the higher-end stuff, I entertained my usual koicha (thick tea) mood using 4 chashaku (bamboo) spoonfuls, a pre-sift with cold water, 4oz of 165F water after that, and a vigorous whisking for thirty seconds. While it was mid-afternoon, and I already had my regular morning matcha, I figured this was cause to celebrate. What? I dunno. Um…Tuesday. That’s worth celebrating.

After a vigorous froth-up, thick bright green bubbles appeared atop the glowing liquor. The head of foam rivaled nitro-pumped beers in its thickness, even threatening to devour the bamboo whisk I used. The taste possessed a slightly nutty/vegetal forefront that transitioned into almost straight sweetness. It was like someone melted green tea ice cream over a mochi ball and told me to drink. I’ve encountered matchas with slight sweetness but never one with so strong a desserty profile.

If I had any nitpicks, it’s that a thorough sifting prior to the use of hot water is mandatory; it clumps rather easily. In addition, koicha tea prep may be unnecessary for this. It held up better at 3 spoonfuls rather than 4. That aside, this is definitely one of the finest powdered teas I’ve tasted to date.

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