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Thumbs up!"My sips came across as sweet and bright to start and closed with more bitter chocolate flavors. A sweet, fresh taste lingers in the mouth."
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Red Leaf Tea has a new line of Matcha teas that might be a little different than you are familiar with. In short, they've taken a traditional organic Matcha (Japanese stone ground green tea) and blended into it a variety of other ground teas (ranging from white tea to pu'ehr), fruits (from cherry to strawberry), and other goodies (including chocolate, stevia, espresso and even wheatgrass). I was definitely intrigued by these offerings and am fortunate to get to take a sneak preview of several offerings. I'm starting out with the most straightforward offering in this line - Royal Matcha. Red Leaf's Royal Matcha is a plain matcha tea - no extra additions included.

The tea is a darker mellow jade color - not especially light or bright in color, but very richly jade. I have sampled drinking this matcha using a few different strengths in brewing, and varying the amount of water I used as well. For all of my brewings, I used water heated to just under 160. My favorite preparation, which became standard for me with this matcha was to use a little bamboo teaspoon, lightly rounded (not an actual measuring teaspoon) and about 4 ounces of water. I whisked the matcha dry in my bowl to start to break up any lumps (there weren't many but I like to smooth things out) and added 2 ounces of hot water to start. I was able to whisk this easily to a cheery bright green froth on top. I then added the other two ounces of water and continued whisking to keep my froth. The froth is easy to achieve provided you don't over heat your water and I had better luck frothing this matcha using a thinner rather than thicker preparation. The flavor is bright and bittersweet, not particularly vegetal at all and pleasantly astringent. The bittersweet aspect was delicious and retained a separate quality from astringent tastes. I enjoyed this very much. My sips came across as sweet and bright to start and closed with more bitter chocolate flavors. A sweet, fresh taste lingers in the mouth.

I found this tea very enjoyable. It was very pleasantly bittersweet - never too far in either direction. It is easy to prepare, seems of a good, consistent quality that could be enjoyed daily. The one drawback I found with this tea, regardless of how I prepared it, was a consistently chalky residue to the final couple of sips. Even if I drank the tea very quickly, I found this thicker, chalkier aspect to be present and it somewhat inhibited my full enjoyment of this matcha. However, I would still suggest that this is a decent and enjoyable matcha that could be enjoyed daily, especially given the reasonable pricing parameters offered by Red Leaf. That the matcha is organic is an added bonus.

— To purchase Red Leaf Tea Royal Matcha – Organic, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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