Review: Vicony Teas Keemun Mao Feng Art. No. DX24

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Thumbs up!"A certain perfumed sourness was for me the most interesting thing about this tea; it comes through whether sweetened or not and keeps this tea interesting and not just tasting overly sweet. "
Jamie’s Teaview: 8/10
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This Keemun offered by Vicony Teas (a company specializing in wholesale tea purchases) presents as primarily jet black leaf, wiry and curled, with here and there a lighter chocolate toned leaf. The smell of the dry leaf is extremely sweet and even fruity, with a just slightly dry character in the nose.

I brewed this keemun using two ratios of leaf to water, and I preferred the second treatment. First I used a teaspoon of leaf to 8 ounces of just boiled water, steeping for three minutes. For my preferred steeps, I used twice the leaf and kept other parameters the same. The first treatment yielded an acceptable cup of tea - medium colored copper liquor with light to medium body, dry to the nose and somewhat sweet and a bit dry to taste. When I increased the amount of leaf used, the first difference notable was in the color of the liquor. The tea brewed dark copper with a wonderful pumpkin to gold halo about the inside rim of the cup. Beautiful! The body of the tea was medium but came across very lightly in the mouth. The sweet and dry character stayed pronounced, perhaps more dry than sweet. A difficult to isolate perfume asserted itself and there was also a slight sourness to the tea. The sour notes provided an interesting contrast to the light astringency. The tea has a pleasant finish, with the bulk of the finish closing quickly but a nice lingering flavor stays in the mouth.

A bit of light sweetening alters the character of this tea tremendously. The sourness fulls into a sweet, wet quality and the dryness backs off almost to the point of disappearing. The slight perfume taste that was so intriguing to my taste buds got lost, but only momentarily. As the tea cools just a bit, it reappears - holding its own with a sweeter surrounding.

This is a tea that can be enjoyed almost as two different teas depending on whether you add or do not add sweetener. There are interesting qualities to the unsweetened keemun that invite consideration and allow one to savor the curious (and enjoyable) juxtaposition of both sour, sweet and dry notes. These distinct flavors become more blurred in the sweeter version of the tea. But I very much enjoyed this keemun with a hint of added sweetness. It became more luscious and viscous in nature - so much so that I would recommend sweetening slowly and with a cautious hand so that you don't lose special features. But sweetened, this tea becomes more full in body and in the mouth, the sweetness comes through, obviously, and the dryness backs up a bit. The perfumed sourness, which for me was the most interesting thing about this tea, is hedged a bit but comes through and keeps this tea interesting and not just tasting overly sweet.

A pleasant keemun! This could become a staple tea for me very easily.

— To purchase Vicony Teas Keemun Mao Feng Art. No. DX24, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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