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Thumbs up!""Better than hot chocolate - smooth, velvety, perfectly chocolatey. Near divine!""
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I happen to love dark chocolate - it's a favorite of mine. I'm not the only one to have noticed that Japanese green teas, in particular, seem to be well matched flavor wise with dark chocolate. Both have components of sweet and bitter in their flavor profiles, and when it comes to a serving of matcha especially, a little piece of dark chocolate seems an almost noble companion to the beautiful green drink. Red Leaf Tea, in its interesting line up of matcha offerings, has lately combined these two friends in their Organic Chocolate Matcha.

The powder is a bright jadey kind of green with not much visual evidence of dark cocoa powder in the color of the matcha. In the scent, though, evidence abounds. The smooth, cocoa rich scent is utterly delicious smelling, making me think of a dark chocolate brownie.

I used four ounces of 165 degree water and whisked this over my sifted teaspoon of matcha powder. The cocoa is totally discernible in the drinking. There is a dark cocoa flavor, not sweet, but with a dry cocoa taste in the mouth. The chocolate plays deliciously against the matcha and leaves a wonderful aftertaste in the mouth. A light sweetening of my next sample cup is absolutely heavenly. Suddenly, my matcha is a dessert, if you can imagine a green cocoa and find it a little strange in the mind, you will be fantastically surprised by the flavor. I'm in love. The chocolate flavor becomes decadently obvious with a little sweetening, and the matcha rather than being the most forthright flavor provides a full, smooth, creamy background.

Chocolate matcha is far tastier, in my opinion, than the cocoa I make occasionally. Add to this drink the power of matcha to wake up your mind and leave you feeling refreshed, alert and energetic, and this is a superb drink all around.

I am kind of laughing as I write this review as I consider how to close. I think I'll just excerpt directly some of my notes...for those that prefer less bombast, you can quit reading now, but for those who understand how nice it is to find a well done pairing of chocolate and green tea, read on. "The cooler it is, the more chocolate-y." "Hot with a little stevia, this is as delicious a chocolate tea as I can imagine." "Fantastic with creamy thickness to it." "MARVELOUS!" "Better than hot chocolate - smooth, velvety, perfectly chocolatey. Near divine!"

— To purchase Red Leaf Tea Chocolate Matcha Tea – Organic, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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