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Its OK"Iced, the tannins in the leaves merge with the fruit flavours to create a definite thirst-quenching effect. However, hot or cold, the blend seems plagued with a chemical-tasting aftertaste. "
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This is my first foray into White August's offerings. Their user-friendly website describes this blend as a mix of black tea, plums, cranberries and raspberries, “kissed with just a touch of strawberry essence”. Other than specifying that this is a good candidate for iced tea, the information provided is scant. I couldn't find an ingredient list, the provenance of the tea or any brewing instructions – all things I look for before I place an order. I'm also not too keen on artificial flavourings being added to teas, but I can live with them if the results are truly delicious. At a glance my sample is rather attractive, the small ebony-coloured leaves mingling with fiery red flower petals and slivers of fruit. The aroma is tart, sweet and fruity, perhaps a little too intensely so, since the first thing that popped into my head upon taking a sniff was a dancing pitcher of red Kool-Aid.... Here's hoping the taste doesn't live up to that impression!

In the absence of directions, I used my standard brewing parameters for black tea. I infused a teaspoonful of leaves in 8 ounces of water heated to 98 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes. The brew presents a nice, rich shade of brown, with a gold tinge around the rim. The aroma of the steeped cup is much more subdued, combining subtle red berry and malt notes. The flavour profile is predominantly sweet and tart, yet smooth. I would not identify this tea as plum flavoured in a blind taste test. I can easily pick out the raspberries and the strawberries though. The tea base brings no harshness or bitterness to the cup whatsoever and leaves a pleasant malty taste on the back of the tongue. An acceptable second steep can be had following a 3 and a half minute infusion. Other than being slightly less tart, and tasting more like cherries, it's remarkably similar to the first cup. I also tried a portion of this tea iced. The tannins in the leaves merge with the fruit flavours to create a better balanced cup and a definite thirst-quenching effect.

Despite all these good qualities I wouldn't reach for this tea on a regular basis. Hot or cold, the blend seems plagued with a chemical-tasting aftertaste. It's a little too intensely fruity and artificial-seeming to me. This impression might be more psychological than anything, but I wouldn't be inclined to buy this product. While certainly adequate to drink in a pinch, there are better tasting fruit blends out there.

— To purchase White August Plum Proud, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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