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Thumbs up!"As both raspberry and pomegranate pop through the mild green tea with a lively red currant like fruitiness, it’s a sweet, joyful cup."
Raven’s Teaview: 7.9/10
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Oh morning always seems to come too early. When that alarm clock goes off, why does bed always feel the most cozy or are come when having the best dream? So when I saw Morning Geisha, I was intrigued, if it means a tea that could make me as composed as a Geisha girl in the morning, I’m in. What is the Geisha’s secret and how does White August know? So I was a bit surprised to find White August’s Morning Geisha Green tea is a toasted green tea of some kind that is mixed with raspberries and pomegranates. It would seem perhaps, an Avon inspired blend from the colours dabbled from a Geisha girl's make-up brush or else, the dibble to what keeps those ruby red lips so poised. Whatever the meaning or lashes of the mascara brush, the combination sounded deliciously fruity, I was still in.

So, the tea strikes a varied palette of cool dark grayish and celadon greens from the mix of leaf pieces and stems that look like different green teas. Their celadon, blue-green, khaki and blackish greens do beautifully offset the flickers of burgundy skins and very small rosy beige raspberry bits that blush the mix with almost as much lively contrast as a true Geisha girls make-up. However, the wide curved ruby shells don’t look like raspberries or pomegranates so I’m imagining that the tea might borrow a boost from someberry's Mary Kay bag, oddly not mentioned in the ingredients. Regardless, digging into the package brings a wonderful surprise as the tea’s bouquet has just as much blush, awakening with a sweet fresh dried berry fruitiness. Not completely juicy but perky and slightly jammy, it’s a great beginning. What is even better is that it seems to hit both pomegranate and raspberry which merge with a red currant kind of harmony as it has raspberry’s romantic perkiness with a deeper pigmenty pomegranate plush. The bouquet also has a fir tree, juniper lining which accentuates the freshness of the berry aromas.

After seeing the tea's make-up, it’s time to make it up. White August doesn’t offer any suggestions for brewing so I opted for 78 °C for three minutes. Once brewed, the cup has more of a Geisha’s kimono than a berry’s blush from the medium gold sheen. But the bouquet bursts with berry with a similar nature as the dry leaves. The medium scent is sweetly delicious from the ripe slightly juicy notes that seem more like red currants with a bit of a raspberries piny twist. The green tea doesn’t colour the aroma’s palette as much leaving the pinks and reds to rouge the scent alone. Behind the scenes, there’s as much berry inside the cup, clustered with a bright berry flavour. A frivolity brushes through the fruitiness giving it more pizzazz and authenticity, as the flavour has the high notes of tartness without actual tang. From the red currant kind of flavour, the raspberry and pomegranate flavours combine nicely in the light to medium body that isn’t dry with a light astringency. The berry flavours permeate the sip with mellow strokes of the green tea foundation from cooked leaf lettuce and cypress that could be louder but it does let the berries pop. As the tea fades into a light to medium finish with little aftertaste, the pomegranate sprinkles through one’s breath with multiple sips.

As the bottom of the cup shines through, it’s back to the make up bag for a second application. A second infusion of the leaves maintains the palette of the first cup from the green tinted blondy gold. The bouquet remains full and colourful too with the red notes of raspberry jelly and lighter magenta zing of the pomegranate as the green tea seems to add a surface of puffed rice. In the cup, there is a slight increase in dryness while the flavour is still sweetly fruity with a wink of leafy rice from the green tea that shadows several sips with a hint of pine. A third infusion also seems to hold enough aroma and flavour to be enjoyed.

I’m still not sure how raspberry and pomegranate green tea means Morning Geisha but the tea is certainly not just a pretty face or a pretty name. I may liken it to an afternoon sip though, rather than morning, and it would also be tasty iced. However one gets their Geisha on, the perky bouquet and rosy flavour that holds on better than mascara is worth puckering for.

— To purchase White August Tea Morning Geisha, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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    Thank you so much for your comments. I am glad you have enjoyed the site. I do try to avoid misspelling as it’s a personal pet peeve so I appreciate you mentioning it. I know I have made up a few words in trying to describe different teas though when there’s no handy adjective and I do use English spelling (for words like flavour or grey) since I’m Canadian. Thank you again for sharing and happy sipping. Cheers,

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