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Thumbs up!"I really loved the warm tickle of spice that resonated in the back of my throat after every sip and the good, hearty chocolate taste. "
Jamie’s Teaview: 8/10
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This is a pretty spectacular looking caffeine free chai blend. Comprised entirely of spices, herbs, root and chocolate, it's a veritable potpourri full of whole cloves, fat pink peppercorns, whole pods of cardamom, ginger chunks, chips of orange peel, chocolate nibs and what I discovered in the ingredient list to be pieces of chicory root. The melange has an earthy dark appearance with bursts of color and offers a rich, full smell of chocolate spiciness. The clove, ginger and the pepper work nicely with the chocolate and make for an intriguing pairing.

Following CTH's preparation suggestions, I used a tablespoon of the blend per 8 ounces of water. I mixed a double serving so that I could enjoy my mug alongside my husband. Due to the predominance of cloves in the mix (I'm not a lover of abundant clove), I allowed a 5 minute steep rather than the suggested 7 to 10. The chai steeps to a slightly opaque chocolate brown color with a slight foam on top. The smell is rather exciting! Chocolate is prevalent but equally so is a thrilling sort of spiciness owing to the ginger and peppercorn. Even as it simmered, Shawn called out from the other room "Wow, that's really fragrant!"

I poured out two cups sans milk and we sat down to enjoy them. The clove had intensified in the steeping, and made a definite contribution to the blend. My major disappointment with the mix was that the abundance of clove made for a slight bitterness and sort of residual taste in the mouth that I found slightly unpleasant. I think this effect could be tempered by manually removing some of the clove before steeping. The cloves are whole and fat, it would be easy to remove a few if you wanted to step down some of that strong flavor. In all other regards, I wholly enjoyed this tasty blend. It's pretty masterful. What I liked about this chai is the interplay between the spices and the chocolate. Neither is over powering but each is fully represented. The tea had a textural quality that made me think of a chocolate gingerbread or a spicy cookie. The ginger and pepper are big players in terms of donating a warming, persistent spice to the mix, the clove, despite lingering longer than I prefer, is actually very well nuanced in general. I really loved the warm tickle of spice that resonated in the back of my throat after every sip and the good, hearty chocolate taste. The chocolate is always a part of the taste but not so sweet or bold that it's simply a chocolate tisane. In fact, this blend is truly a spicy chai featuring chocolate. I found this a novel and delicious chai blend that I would recommend to those who enjoy warming chai blends. Chocolate lovers should consider applying as well!

— To purchase California Tea House Chocolate Chai, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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