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Thumbs up!"Strawberry like you've never had in matcha, or most any other tea. This is a culinary delight."
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Skepticism and criticism are basically sisters, which means that when the critic in me sees a long list of flavourful and spunky matchas by a tea company I become immediately skeptical that said company could pull it off. Red Leaf has chocolate, espresso, noni, jasmine, pomegrante, blueberry, hibiscus, aphrodisiac (interesting) and many others that are simply difficult to believe that they have finished well. When the price for 30g is anywhere from 20.00 to 80.00 dollars, you want to be skeptical, you almost need to be skeptical of the purchase. I mean, the price is just 1/10 of 30g of gold, but even if you have money to burn with risky tea purchases, I feel that you shouldn't get ripped off and have bad matcha and a singed hole in your wallet.

That being said, a buy from the matcha department on the Red Leaf website is worth every last penny. Especially if you're considering the lovely Strawberry Matcha. Naturally, when I buy something that says "strawberry" I prefer to taste something that tastes like strawberry the fruit, not strawberry the jello. This matcha has that quality beyond what I thought possible. There's almost a prickly feel about the flavour, like a perfectly ripe and sun warmed strawberry skin that you bite through as the juicy center fills your mouth and mind with the unmistakable flavour. It smells like matcha, but the flavour of the strawberry is the obvious featured flavour in the drink.

The matcha base is well ground and put together as far as flavour goes. There is a delightfully frothy foam at the top when the hot water is added, a quality which will not present if your particular matcha is outdated or of poor quality. Overall this matcha is a solid fruitfully delicious cup, and the title and taste matcha-up, so there's no disappointing surprises. I would be willing to venture another bill or two for a different sampling of the great variety of matchas that Red Leaf showcases.

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One Response to “Review: Red Leaf Tea Strawberry Matcha – Organic”

  1. JennH Says:

    This matcha sounds right up my alley!

    I’m so glad that you found the strawberry flavor to be natural, ripe, and fresh tasting. There are few things worse than artificial strawberry flavoring in my book.

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