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Its OK"Perhaps more cheery than full on merry, the nice blend of spearmint and peppermint gets a pleasant lift from the lemongrass in the sweetly ample aroma and flavour while the ginger and green tea have less emotion."
Raven’s Teaview: 6.2/10
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Not just fine, cheery, okay, happy or dandy but merry, merry like the wives of Windsor and not contrary, but Mary Mary could have grown the pepper and the spear to make a mint so merry. But what does make mint merry? And really does mint ever get sad? Like we all know, merriment doth come with tea which is even better with company so Stash makes its mint merry in their Organic Merry Mint Green tea through the addition of lemongrass, green tea and ginger to a combination of spearmint, peppermint and wintergreen oil. As a bagged tea, one can tote along the merriment of their mint too.

Right out of the package, the tea is aromatically minty and sweet. The mintiness leans towards spearmint Trident with a fresh burst of gum-like sweetness. The peppermint is in there too though with a bit more laid back herbal leafiness but the scent is more purely minty than herbal or leafy and it isn’t dry smelling as mint can sometimes be. From the lighter herbal notes of the peppermint, there may be some lemongrass but the lemongrass, ginger and the green tea don’t really seem to contribute much to the bouquet.

Although there’s no leaves to admire, Stash thankfully includes the brewing instructions on the package making brewing easy. As Stash suggests using less than boiling water for a three to five minute infusion, I brewed the tea with a 175°F or 80°C water for four minutes. The cup fills with a vibrant dark gold that isn’t quite clear or lustrous but the minty scent is sweet and charming. The minty medley has both spearmint‘s round green sweetness and peppermint’s herbaceousness with a subtle lift from the lemongrass that twinkles behind the minty notes. The minty aroma is still somewhat similar to spearmint gum from its fresh verve rather than dry or dull notes which is lovely. On the other hand, the ginger and the green tea seem to fade into the mint with little to notice from them. There’s a similar balance in the cup as the minty flavour is full and predominates over much else from the other ingredients. The light to medium body is sweet with more peppermint’s herbal flavour emerging in equal step to the spearmint while the lemongrass seems to meld into the subtle herbal flavours to make a cheery flavour. While the mint isn’t dry or too leafy tasting, having more the quality of a freshly brewed leaf, the flavour seems a little bit flat and not quite as perky as if actually freshly brewed. Yet with a nice sweetness, the lemongrass does add a bit of sunshine while still keeping the mint in the forefront. Although the tea's flow seems a touch slow, there is a light peppermint aftertaste that lingers in one’s mouth after each sip.

After the first cup, to see if there’s more merry in store, I infused the bag once again for four minutes at 80°C. The colour of the brew is only slightly lighter, still bright with a medium dark goldy yellow hue. Happily, the bouquet is also faithful still greeting with a sweet, minty aroma. The bouquet has a softer tone but remains full with both spearmint and peppermint notes. As the scent becomes more herbal, the ginger seems to surface falling in with the lemongrass adding some light root notes. There's still enough mintiness in the cup to engage although the flavour is mostly just mint. The mint flavour seems a touch earthier but it remains sweet while there is little aftertaste.

It seems best to stick to two infusions as a third steeping of the bag while having a pleasantly minty aroma, the flavour seems just more fresh tasting than minty and it has a light baking soda kind of mineral to the neutral pond-like reed flavour.

As mint teas abound, Stash’s Merry Mint seems to bring a different spin. It is merry enough with the lovely blend of both spearmint and peppermint in the aroma and flavour of the tea while the lemongrass does add a subtle but pleasing brightness. However, the ginger and green tea don’t quite chime in as much as I would have thought to make it less of something out of the norm. Regardless though, with the tea’s sweet mintiness, it could easily be a handy way to bring along a little merry throughout one’s day.

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