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Its OK" If I were to buy this expecting a chai tea (even given that there are all sorts of ways to blend a chai), I would be sorely disappointed. Given that this tea is touted as an aphrodisiac blend, that's probably not the best start to things."
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This black tea has chunks of dried apricot standing out pretty boldly in the blend. As far as chai blends go, this one is a little unusual. Not chunky and masala-esque or even chunky with lots of ingredients. This looks like a fruit flavored black tea, and in fact tastes and is prepared like one as well.

The tea is very much unlike a chai. It has a pleasant fruit taste, somewhat candy-esque in flavor and a bit overly sweet for my own tastes. I was expecting something more spicy and multilayered in a chai so this was a bit surprising to my tastes, though I can't say it was all bad. This makes a simple, sweet and fruity breakfast tea. There's no hint of spiciness as you might expect in a chai blend.

I steeped this tea for 3.5 to 4 minutes using a standard teaspoon per 8 ounces of freshly boiled water and with a little sweetener, this tea has a nice, fruity apricot flavor that seemed pretty good to me. I had to be judicious in my sweetening as too much made the fruit flavor come across as artificial to me. This tea is marvelous iced. And it's good hot as well.

All in all this was a good tea but I am hesitant about how to rate it. It was so absolutely not like a chai that I feel it has been misdescribed by the good folks at California Tea House. If I were to buy this expecting a chai tea (even given that there are all sorts of ways to blend a chai), I would be sorely disappointed. Even though a good fruit flavored black tea is tasty, it wouldn't have been what I had expected.

For a fruit flavored black, this is pretty good and has nice versatility in terms of what temperature to enjoy it at. I can recommend it to those who enjoy very fruity black teas. Chai lovers would do well to be cautioned. This is no masala!

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