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Thumbs up!"Apricot Chai from California Tea House was not the chai I was expecting, but it's still my cup of tea. "
JennH’s Teaview: 7.8/10
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Chai is like an exotic woman who walks into a party alone. She ‘s so interesting. You could try to guess her background and influences, but without spending some time with her how can you really know? And she’s gorgeous, right? Well, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in that vein I believe that chai is in the taste buds of the beholder. Chai is a broad term so consequently we all expect something a little different when we drink a chai tea.

I was very excited to try Apricot Chai by California Tea House because of the interesting pairing of fruit with chai tea. I’m a foodie at heart so whenever I hear about a tea with an unusual flavor profile, I can't wait to try it. Also, California Tea House is San Diego based so we’re practically neighbors in a very spread-out California way. I love that this company is family owned and that they started by selling tea in local farmer’s markets. They have since expanded to a vibrant online business, and now California Tea House teas are sold in shops across the state. Another exciting aspect about this company is that you can order teas on the website in tasting flights. Yes!

The aroma of Apricot Chai is extraordinary with a very fresh, bright peach and apricot notes with just a touch of ginger. The liquor is a deep copper color with the sweet fragrance of fresh fruit intact. At first sip, I get a nice astringency from the medium bodied black tea that mellows into a creamy vanilla tone. That develops into a lovely peach and apricot essence, and the finish is sweet with just a touch of ginger at the end. I brewed Apricot Chai at 212 degrees for 3 minutes. This tea is naturally sweet so I didn’t feel the need to add anything to it, but I’m sure that with a bit of agave it would make for a decadent dessert tea.

If I’m being honest, Apricot Chai was not the chai tea that I was expecting to find in my cup. However, after drinking two cups and really getting acquainted with the flavors, I find that I quite like Apricot Chai as a flavored black tea. The tea is high quality and the fruit flavors are vibrant and beautifully paired. Oh, and the fact that the ingredients in this blend are purported aphrodisiacs doesn’t hurt either.

— To purchase California Tea House Apricot Chai, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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