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Thumbs up!"While the idea of mixing two distinct teas that have histories and a solid track record in their own right seems a little odd to me still, I've got to admit that this is a great tasting pairing."
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Red Leaf Tea's Matcha offerings are wide and varied. I've mentioned many times that they offer their organic matcha blended with literally dozens of different fruits, herbs, etc. Many of them are worth trying. I found that the matcha blends I found most curious (and the last I reached for when it came to sampling) were the blends of other traditional teas with matcha. Something about the mixing of matcha and white, black or pu-erh tea seems both odd and intriguing. So perhaps my ambivalence about sampling them shouldn't surprise me. However, after trying and enjoying Red Leaf's Black Matcha blend, I was pretty eager to try out the pu-erh version.

This is a good one.

The tea powder is extremely dark, a rich chocolate brown with nary a hint of bright green to it. The smell is wonderfully of pu-erh - sweet, earthy, a little creamy. Imagine a loose leaf black pu-erh, and that is the smell you get with this blend. Only, you really need to imagine this smell with a bit of "oomph" or thickness behind it. Something about the matcha being in there must bolster the smell a bit. Regardless of what's going on, the smell of this tea is encouraging.

I used a simple matcha standard preparation for making this tea. I heated my water to 165 degrees and used a rounded bamboo scoop of matcha powder. I poured in my first two ounces and whisked to try and get a froth, but have found this the least frothy of all the matcha blends from Red Leaf. The color is deep chocolate and the smell resonates with a creamy pu-ehr earthy sweetness that I like very much. I added in the rest of my water, whisked thoroughly and tried it. Delicious!

This is a straightforward, good tasting pu-ehr tea with a matcha twist. The matcha provides a very pleasing viscosity to the pu-ehr that I think is a wonderful compliment. There's a thick, tasty creaminess that augments the natural sweetness of the pu-ehr and I also LOVED this with just a little liquid stevia added (I am on a sweetened tea kick right now, surprising even myself at times!). Sweet, creamy, earthy and good. Those are some of the first adjectives to come to mind. While the idea of mixing two distinct teas that have histories and a solid track record in their own right seems a little odd to me still, I've got to admit that this is a great tasting pairing.

The taste is excellent, preparation is easy peasy. You can add extra water to this (6 to 8 ounces) and still get a great tasting cup of tea. I find that the pu-ehr is sturdy enough to handle plenty of water added. It would be excellent chilled, I think, or added to a smoothie or just blended with a little stevia and soy milk (or milk of your choosing). A surprisingly good, sweet, straightforward tea with plenty of body, taste and sense. Highly recommended. Lovers of loose pu-ehr will find this interesting!

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