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Thumbs up!"This product is the ultimate tea maker, and after several months of use, I find it hard to find any considerable flaws with this product. "
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brevilleteamakerI acquired my Breville One-Touch Tea Maker several months ago after minimal deliberation and ultimately deciding to indulge my tea mania by purchasing this product as a birthday present to myself. This product is the ultimate tea maker, and after several months of use, I find it hard to find any considerable flaws with this product. It is sturdy and clearly well-manufactured, with attention to fine details paid to every aspect of this product, from appearance to functionality. This kettle is large enough to accomodate brewing tea for multiple cups at the same time (up to ~4 cups of water if you are making tea or ~6 cups of water if you are just boiling water), while the minimum water volume needed for single-serving use is generous but not too much (i.e. enough to fill the standard travel mug).
This tea maker takes all of the guesswork and attention to detail that is normally needed out of the process of preparing tea. It is simple to use: Fill the pot with the amount of water you desire, add the corresponding amount of leaves to the basket, mount the basket in the pot, and choose the water temperature and brew time parameters on the easy-to-use interface of the base. Once you hit start, the machine takes over for you. The water is heated to the temperature you specify (which can be one of the various pre-set temperatures for black, green, white, oolong, or herbal tea, or instead a custom-selected temperature). Once the temperature is reached, the tea basket, as if by magic, lowers itself into the water and remains there for the specified brewing time (which again can be one of several pre-set options based on desired strength of the type of tea, or can be a custom-selected time). When the brewing time is up, the tea basket lifts back above the water level, the machine emits a quiet beep to let you know that the tea is ready, and voila!, you are ready to pour and enjoy. It doesn't get much simpler than that.
The unit also has a few little extras, such as the ability to program it for brewing ahead of time, a "keep warm" function that will keep a big pot of tea heated after brewing, and a "basket" function which makes the basket move up and down during the infusion period to maximize leaf movement and extract maximum flavor out of the leaves.
Clean-up is also a breeze: simply dump the leaves out of the basket and give everything a good rinse (although be certain not to immerse the teapot, which makes electrical contacts with the base, in water).
Living a rather busy and chaotic life with a full household of adults, a toddler, and lots of dogs, I really appreciate the ease and convenience that this product has brought to my tea-making efforts. No longer do I have over- or under-brewed cups of tea due to hasty tea preparation efforts, such as accidentally leaving leaves steeping in the water for too long or using too-hot water. With this product, I know that every cup of tea is prepared using the proper water temperature and brew time for that specific blend, and I don't have to mess around with thermometers or kitchen timers to get that perfect cup. As I mentioned earlier, I really can't find much fault with this product. I guess the major drawback to this item is its price, which is currently about $250. That's alot of dough for a tea maker, but since this is the ultimate, do-it-all, fancy-schmancy tea preparer, it is well worth the price if you, like me, drink LOTS of tea. When I was deliberating over whether or not I should splurge on this item, I asked a friend to look over the product website, thinking that she, being the "voice of reason" would deter me from making this expensive purchase. Not only did she fail in giving me a good reason to buy it, but she quickly bought one herself.

— To purchase Breville One-Touch Tea Maker, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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