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Thumbs up!"This tea is bursting with flavor- strong, hearty, and robust."
Vanessa’s Teaview: 8/10
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I have been doing Teaviews for quite some time now, and it is the interesting and unusal teas that keep me going. Today I sampled BOH tea's Palas Supreme black tea. Having never heard of BOH tea, I visited their website and learned that this is a Malaysian-based company. I always enjoy sampling teas from new countries or regions of the world, and this is certainly my first exposure to Malaysian-grown tea leaves. For anyone familiar with Malaysian geography (which does not include me), this particular tea is described as "a fine, flowery pekoe from the cool slopes of Sungei Palas". By appearance, the dry leaves are unremarkable, looking pretty much like most other black tea leaves. The leaves' aroma is pretty solid, with strong notes of cocoa, raisins, and general black tea leafiness coming through. Based on the strength of the dry leaf's aroma, I am beginning to understand the BOH slogan of "Share the Ummph!". I prepared this tea using standard black tea parameters: boiling water and a three minute infusion, with one teaspoon of leaves per eight ounces of water. As I decanted the tea into my travel mug, my entire kitchen was filled with the scent of black tea. This is unusual, as I can't think of many occasions where an unflavored black tea really scented my entire kitchen. I knew I was in for a robust blend and indeed, my first sip confirmed this. This tea is bursting with flavor- strong, hearty, and robust. It is an ideal morning blend. The tea is naturally sweet, with a malty caramel flavor being the most prominent aspect of the flavor profile. While I found it to be a satisfying brew, it probably does have the potential to be not as enjoyable if it is not prepared properly (e.g. oversteeped or a too-high leaf-to-water ratio). The flavor does linger for quite a bit after the tea is consumed, and I did find the aftertaste to be a little flat. I sampled this tea staright up, but given its strong body, I imagine this would be a fine tea for those that like to doctor up their black tea with milk and sugar. My final thoughts on this tea: it is not the best black tea I have ever had, but it does have an assertive flavor profile, as well as earning extra points for hailing from a lesser-known tea-producing region.

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2 Responses to “Review: BOH Tea Palas Supreme”

  1. jamie and shawn Says:

    wow, this sounds good!!

  2. Steve Kirchhoff Says:

    I have gone to MY for two extended visits up to 6 months. During my second visit I discovered this product at Buddhist Hermitage in Lunas. While maybe not appropriate reaction while practicing mindfulness meditation, but I was completely blown away by this product. This is the best black tea I have had. Back in the U.S.A. I continue to miss BOH tea. Wonderful stuff.

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