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Thumbs up!"The coconut flavor is toasty, sweet and authentic. The ginger adds interest and is not overpowering. Those ingredients play beautifully together."
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"Bold Japanese sencha tea, creatively entwined with toasted coconut and ginger to create a one of a kind experience." ---White August website.

I requested this blend from Teaviews because I frankly love coconut and ginger and the combination of the two ingredients sounds like a match made in Heaven! It also doesn't hurt that I've heard some of the other reviewers say that they have been rather pleased with many of the offerings from White August. This particular sample came sealed in a cellophane wrapper. I guess my first impression of the blend wasn't the best because the ingredients looked to be a bit broken---meaning small green leaves, pieces of coconut, etc. I can't be sure if this is from handling, if I got the bottom of the barrel or if this is representative of what every batch looks like; but that is neither here nor there if it tastes great. Another observation that I must make is that White August only lists the sencha, coconut and ginger as ingredients. It looks to me as though there are some little red flower shreds (dare I say saffron) and possibly 'natural' flavorings. I must also say though that the smell of the dry leaf is amazing---it is dominated by the aroma of TOASTED coconut with a hint of ginger that adds interest. This added to my anticipation of the prepared cup.

I prepared this using a water temp of 175 and a 3 min infusion time. The prepared cup is just delicious and delivers what it promises----coconut and ginger! The coconut is the definitely the dominant player and it tastes very authentic. It leaves a taste in your mouth like you did just eat a couple of pieces of shredded coconut. There is a mild ginger presence in the background. It's nothing major, but it does build heat and intensity as you continue to drink, and especially if you consume more than one cup back-to-back. Even so, this is not a spicy ginger, but you are aware of the ginger. The sencha tea base is mild with little vegetalness and ever so slightly bitter (this might be something that can be corrected by tweaking the brewing parameters slightly). I did enjoy this best with a touch of brown German rock cane sugar as it just made the coconut all that more sweet and dessert-like. I didn't try this iced, but I have to believe that it would make an excellent iced tea.

Overall, this blend is most delicious and can satisfy even the most discerning coconut aficionado. The coconut flavor is toasty, sweet and authentic. The ginger adds interest and is not overpowering. Those ingredients play beautifully together. While the green tea isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, that is the one area where I find room for improvement. This isn't just because it didn't look the best, but more because of the fact that I did find it somewhat bitter. It isn't enough to keep this one from going on my short list of teas that I want to purchase in the foreseeable future, but it does stand in the way of scoring it higher. Even so, this is delicious and one of the better coconut teas that I have tried in a long time. Thumbs up!

— To purchase White August Tea Co. Rogue Wave, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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