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Thumbs up!"This tea makes one feel ready and able to face whatever morning comes along and not merely survive, but triumph! It might sound corny, (in fact it certainly does!) but I bet there's not a tea lover out there that doesn't need some tea in their beloved repertoire to fill those shoes. I don't hesitate to say, "The shoe fits Yorkshire Harrogate!""
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I knew from the name of this tea that it would be a good old fashioned English Breakfast style tea. The tea is a CTC style black tea with a small amount of twiggy material in the mix as well. The color is very dark, as you would expect. The dry leaf smells sweet and "like tea;" straightforward and just what you'd expect from a breakfast style black tea. Comforting! This smell would be good no matter what the morning turned out to present. I prepared this tea very simply, using my standard black tea prep. I boiled water, used a teaspoon per 8 ounces of water and steeped three minutes.

From the looks of the infused leaf, this will be a bold brew. The color is a deep copper orange with a beautiful golden glowing halo that shines in the late summer sun. The taste of this tea is bracing and utterly delicious, especially with a spot of sweetener. I expect it would take cream or milk of your choosing well; in fact the Culinary Teas website mentions that the tea turns golden yellow with the addition of milk. The taste of this tea is really wonderfully smooth with a good brisk, slightly malty flavor and a wonderful comfortable taste. I can see where this might become a tea one really looked forward to having every morning. I for one live in an area with an abundance of wet, rainy winter mornings, and this would make one feel ready and able to face it and perservere. It might sound corny, but I bet there's not a tea lover out there that doesn't need some tea in their beloved repertoire to fill those boots. Some mornings just demand it.

Yorkshire Harrogate is quite tasty, simple and straightforward. Easy to prepare, good tasting and with a clean, sweet flavor unmarred by sour or bitter notes, I can't think of anything to complain about here. Breakfast tea lovers will enjoy this one.

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