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Its OK"Perkier and more refreshing than just plain ole' chamomile, this is a tasty change from the ordinary. "
Sophie’s Teaview: 6.8/10
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I've drank more than my fair share of chamomile brews recently, mostly for medicinal purposes. It has a very calming effect on my nervous digestive system. It's naturally sweet flavour has grown on me over the past months but a little variety never hurts. So I'm rather excited to be trying this bagged blend combining chamomile flowers, lemongrass, and honey flakes. I can see through the silk pyramid that the chamomile has mostly disintegrated into small shreds but there are a few round blooms still hanging around as well as some fair-sized lemongrass pieces. I did not spot the honey flakes but I'm sure they were in there. Taking a whiff of the sachet, its pervasive aroma is all honey and chamomile (which smells kinda the same as honey but I digress)...

Boston Tea Company doesn't provide brewing instructions for its products so I relied on my usual methods for herbal teas. I heated 8 ounces of water to a boil and steeped the sachet for 5 minutes. Brewed, the honey scent is even stronger, perfuming my entire kitchen! The bright lemon yellow liquor mirrors the aroma, focusing almost entirely on the honey flakes and the chamomile's contributions. This is not an overly sweet tisane, despite the added honey. The flakes are well dosed and act more as a flavouring than as a sweetener. The lemongrass is there lurking in the background and rather faint. Perkier and more refreshing than just plain ole' chamomile, this is a tasty change from the ordinary.

The honey flavouring seemed to blow it's wad on the first infusion. It's pretty much absent after a second, 7 minute brew. Unlike many herbal blends, this cup remains rather palatable the second time around. The lemongrass is now coming out of its shell, and thus a bit more prominent. The pleasant nutty hay character of the chamomile also seems more developed.

As the cold season gears up, this convenient herbal tea would be nice to have on hand at work. It holds more interest than just plain chamomile. Those looking for a really citrusy blend might be disappointed as it doesn't have too much “zing” to it. This tisane tastes mostly like chamomile with lots of honey and a little lemon: solid but nothing too flashy.

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