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Its OK"It's very cleansing and herbally driven from the nice harmony of highs in the thyme, eucalyptus and peppermint and I was breathing easy after the cup."
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Achooo! Breathing is a beautiful thing so often taken for granted. As soon as a cold hits and your nose becomes an impenetrable plug and breathing is added to your mouth’s multi-tasks, its enough to make one pine for those days of carefree inhales. Although there’s a laundry list of pills to pop to alleviate such woes, none of these were around in Grandma’s day and so its nice to try something easier to pronounce and more in line with Grandma’s pantry. So HELPS has just that thought in mind as they offer a series of teas for kids and adults featuring folklore inspired blends for specific ailments. There’s no references or guaranteed health claims on their busy website but chicken soup for a cold doesn’t come with a prescription either. Plus, there’s only so much chicken soup one can eat, so to jazz it up, HELPS Breathe blend takes the thyme from that chicken soup and uses it as a base for a tisane that also includes mint, eucalyptus, linden and bilberry leaves.

While none of these are out in the open to ogle in the tea, the sachets provide a simple fix by enclosing them inside and the packages are nicely bright. And once out, the tisane’s bouquet is equally bright and invigorating and most of the ingredients come through. Stimulating and fresh, the aroma lays out a cool mix of rosemary and pine with a dried twigs vibe to remind me of bay leaves. Along with the peppermint’s hint of sweetness, the scent has a pleasing, awakening chime. The linden adds to the herbaceousness with its light honey tone, lightening the earthiness of the thyme and adding a nice glow.

With the package handy, the brewing instructions are happily included as a five minute infusion of the bag with boiling water. Steeping brings a burst of radiance with a medium orange cup that seems as if it could shine through one’s congestion just looking at it. The light to medium scent isn’t as vivid as the dry leaves or the hue but it has a splendidly clean feel. Changing from the dry leaves, the peppermint falls more into the medley, that rings more herbal and medicinal, drawing out its pepperiness more so than its mintiness. As such, the mint is grounded and less sweet amidst the dried kind of fresh juniper and roots notes of the eucalyptus and thyme that surface more. Flickers of the linden also peek out with notes of pollen and boiled flower petals. Together, it’s a bit like Vic’s lozenges and has a hint of turpentine but it has more dry, green vitality and isn’t sharp to still be kind of enlivening. The taste is just as herbally driven, although its lightness is a bit of a surprise from the vibrancy of the brew. A light mint mingles with a dried leafiness of thyme and flavours akin to a mix of rosemary and savoury with a touch of lemongrass. The light body mirrors the lightness of the flavour which holds through the sip with a mild refreshment from the kind of alcohol breeziness of the eucalyptus and the thyme. A hint of sweetness from the mint helps balance the earthiness of the thyme and sings with the high points of the eucalyptus, to find a lovely harmony in its herbaceous flavour. Yet the blend does come across more savoury than sweet with enough of a geranium kind of earthiness to be more medicinal than herbal tasting but it has a looser, complete flavour that isn't the least bit sharp. I almost wish there was more mint though, or that it was spearmint rather than peppermint, to give it more sweetness or round warmth as the pointier flavours tend to draw out the earthiness or harder tones of the herbs. Yet, the linden also comes through, adding some lightness, with a kind of petal-like or clover stem, soft, suppler flavour. The finish of the sip is light, except there is an almost bite on its edge, and although there is only a slight cut grass aftertaste, it leaves one’s mouth with a light, fresh, cleansing feel.

In case one still has a bit of a wheeze by the end of the cup, I tried a second infusion but only after steeping for ~ten minutes, did the tea blow in with enough flavour for sipping.

Finally, winded, HELPS Breathe Wellness certainly has the makings for a breathing boost as it gusts with lots of reverberating highs, in the mint’s cool, thyme’s earth and eucalyptus resiny pine that makes for an interesting blend. The tisane isn't as heady as I thought a breathing aid might be, so there's no Mentholatum moments amidst its herbal glow. But its uniqueness seems more of where the tea excels. Plus, although I didn’t pay much attention before the cup, my airways were open sailing after having the tea. So there may indeed be some easy breathing packed into the little tea bag fit for sipping when the sniffles or a cold strikes.

— To purchase HELPS Teas Breathe, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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