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Thumbs up!"I wish I had more of this stuff; I would drink it daily."
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On appearance, I really couldn't tell the difference between Aiya's Premium and Ceremonial Grades. The coloring was the same, as was the powder consistency. The difference - as far as I could tell was in the smell. While this had the kelpy sweetness of the two Ceremonials Aiya offers, this had more of it. A refreshing sweetness complimented the natural, dry grassiness of the powder. That was where I figured this stone-ground blend had some more care put to it.

I figured if this was best that Aiya had to offer, I might as well treat it with the respect it deserves. That being a koicha-grade froth-up. I used 3 chashaku-(bamboo spoon)-fuls of powder per 4oz. of 165F water, all poured into an unsuspecting miso soup bowl. An actual chawan was still out of my budget, but this was at least somewhat Japanese.

Sidenote: Prior to the splashdown with the hot water, I did my usual cold water/chasen (bamboo whisk) pre-sift to get rid of clumps. The resulting paste smelled the closest to green tea ice cream as any matcha I've ever whiffed. Okay, I already used that comparison with the Ceremonial Grade, but it definitely applies here. This was one sweet matcha - both definitions of "sweet", applicable.

Once I added the hot water, I vigorously whisked the vibrant green soup to produce the requisite froth...and, boy, did it not disappoint. The resultant foam was outright bubbly, not just fizzy. Said head of froth actually formed a mound over the liquor rather than a mere thin layer. The aroma was nutty, pungently sweet, slightly grassy and seaweed-like, but ever-so-inviting. As expected from the preamble, the first sip was nectar to the tongue - silky smooth, mildly vegetal and dessert-like. I wish I had more of this stuff; I would drink it daily.

Oh wait...I do drink matcha daily. Hrm, guess I have no excuses then.

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5 Responses to “Review: Aiya Premium Grade Matcha”

  1. Teaviews Review: Aiya Premium Grade Matcha « Aiya America Matcha Says:

    […] Geoff at Teaviews did an excellent review n Aiya Premium Matcha. It appears that Geoff has tried and sampled many differenent Matchas from different companies. Geoff just happened to give our Premium Matcha a score of 10 out of 10. You can read the full review at: Review: Aiya Premium Grade Matcha […]

  2. Lin Says:

    Thank you Geoff for alerting us to the cold water method of matcha de-lumping…I have used it for 3-4 months and it works like a charm. I still sometimes sift, out of some nostalgia for the old way. I waited to say this until I got more of my most lump prone matcha from Japan and the results are perfect. I always pay attention to your matcha reviews and plan to try this one. As an every day matcha drinker too, I envy your free samples!
    I do keep wondering how much bamboo whisk I am consuming with the cold water method!

  3. Geoff Says:

    I discovered the pre-sift method through JING Tea. They had a video tutorial and everything. I found it far more effective than using a strainer. The higher quality matchas were prone to clumping; it was the only method that worked best for me. That and once I did the actual prep, I got more foam out of the matcha.

    Believe it or not, I’ve gone through two whisks already due to my matcha habits. *heh*

  4. Lin Says:

    Yeah, I had gone back through your postings and saw the video. I do use high quality Koicha and since that’s where I started I can’t be satisfied with lower quality! I am on my 2nd whisk…the first got very thin at the ends. Now I am using a 100 cut instead of an 80 cut. Everyone’s Tea which is a Japanese tea ware site in English has a blog and recently discussed whisks…quite interesting. I found my foam is getting better with experience and is always better with the higher quality matcha. I can finally make the little bump in the middle! Ah, one of life’s challenges!

  5. Liana Pullman Says:

    I just started drinking matcha and I’d love to know where to purchase high quality matcha. I’m not into any of the flavored matchas. I would just like a great quality great tasting matcha. I plan on this becoming a daily part of my life from now on. Any help to this newbie matcha drinker would be greatly appreciated.

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