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Its OK"Keemuns are my favourite type of black tea- this one didn't beat out my favourite company's Keemun though. "
Chelsy’s Teaview: 6.2/10
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Keemun is my favourite type of black tea, hands down. The only issue with my partiality is that I drink a lot of it, finding small differences choosing which types of the variants suits my palate the best and so on. This means I have a favourite among all of the Keemuns- numerous as they are. So reviewing a new Keemun, is as rigourous as a cage fight (for tea leaves). The new Keemun contender always will face the fearsome favourite.

This Keemun is satisfactory. I will not take the time to compare aspects of the best Keemun I've ever tasted versus this one, but there is something about this tea that leaves me wanting. The brew is dark and slightly frothy around the edges, which is always a good sign, but the aroma seemed a bit watery and diluted. Though I followed the brewing instructions, I could never achieve a perfect brew with this tea... even though I modified much. This was rather frustrating as I can normally coax out the best qualities of the tea upon a second brewing. The flavours of this tea were slightly less complex than I would prefer. The tea tasted good, but it was very simple and straight forward. Some may like this in their morning black tea, not I.

Overall this is a very decent Keemun, it's not in the style I would prefer, but that doesn't mean it's bad, simply different.

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