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Thumbs up!"This blend is dark and hearty. It's what black tea is supposed to be!"
CJ’s Teaview: 8.8/10
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Before tea stores appeared in malls and all over the internet, people like me were hard pressed to find a decent cup of tea outside our own homes.

At restaurants or coffee shops, I'd order "black tea" and cross my fingers. The chances were less than half that I would get something good. When it was good, it tasted like Culinary Teas (CT) Yorkshire Harrogate tea.

This blend is one of CT's "traditional blends" which includes Russian Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast-- in other words, teas that Europeans "traditionally" drink. Apparently, Harrogate, in Yorkshire England, is a city associated with good water and good tea. No wonder this is such a dark, clear, astringent, satisfying brew! It includes broken leaves from my favorite tea growing regions in India, Kenya and China: Assam, Yunnan, and Nilgiri.

This is a basic, black, broken Orange Pekoe. It smells like what the average American of the 20th century thought of when they thought "tea": small black granules in a flow-through teabag. It tasted robust enough to wake you up in the morning, but not as hearty as coffee.

Teas like this are probably my favorites of all time. I like broken, leftover, leaves. Though it is considered lower quality tea, it does produce a stronger cup, which is just fine with me. Perhaps it's the association with my grandmother, with whom I shared many a cup of black tea and buttered slices of toast. Because of that early imprinting, this is what tea is "supposed to" taste like in my mind. Its so strong, most people would drink with milk or sugar...usually both. In fact, when I was in England drinking pots of tea like this, pub servers would look at me with astonishment and say, "You drink it plain?"

Yes I do. Give me a book, a sandwich and a pot of broken tips tea and I'm in Heaven. Many teas are more complex and elegant, but CT's Yorkshire Harrogate is what I'd reach for when I wanted reliable, black, unflavored tea that tasted like tea. It also makes a decent second infusion. I give it an 8.8.

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