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Thumbs up!"Fresh and complex. Comparable to a full-leaf tea."
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In my book, the "M" in "Blend M" stands for "magic."  This fine dust blended from an unknown mix of leaves  manages to be smoky, malty, sweet, and astringent.  It is as complex as any full leaf tea I've ever tried.  Since it is named "blend" M, I surmise it is a mix of different teas.  BOH doesn't reveal specifics about it, but their website demonstrates all their teas are products of  tea grown on their estate in Malaysia.    Perhaps I'll call it "M" for "mysterious".    No matter.  It's delicous.

So happy have I been with the quality of the dusts I've been tasting from BOH, I sat down for a think:  "What sets these dusts apart from typical  dusts that give tea dust a bad, "low quality" reputation?"  The answer came immediately:  freshness.

Stale tea has a distinctive, overly- malty, sour smell and taste that can't be disguised with sugar, milk, lemon or ice. (many restaurant iced teas have this characteristic.)  BOH's blend "M" has no hints of a poor-grade, aged tea.  My palate says it must be the leftovers from a recent harvest--in other words, FRESH.

A 2007 article in the "Tea and Coffee Trade Journal" validated my theory:  " The myth is that dust and fannings are somehow bad tea. The best tea will yield some percentage of dust and fannings. These fannings and dust will make a good brew, not the greatest, but a good brew. Now, freshness must be factored in more with dust and fannings than with whole-leaf teas, because the tiny particles have a (greater) surface-to-air ratio and lose freshness faster."

Blend M is welcome in any teabag or teapot that I consume.  It's an unfussy, easy to brew blend.  Pour boiling water over it, cover the pot with a cozy or cloth, and in three minutes or so, you can start drinking.  It doesn't get bitter, so you don't have to strain it into a separate pot.  Plus, a little goes a long way.  I used half a teaspoon per six ounces of water, and I was able to get a second infusion out of it.

If you like a bold, multi-faceted black tea, BOH's teabags are  a good investment.  You might ask for "Blend M" and tell them CJ at Teaviews sent you!  I rate it a 9.



— To purchase BOH Tea Blend “M”, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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