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Thumbs up!"Keemun 3 Monkey is a very subtle but complex tea that gives your taste buds a workout."
JennH’s Teaview: 8.7/10
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I could never get on board with smoking. I tried smoking once or twice as a teenager in an effort to be more badass, but I hated the taste. I know that there are host of health concerns (like cancer) that should have deterred me, but what really bothered me was the taste. So, it’s weird that I love smoky flavor in my black teas. I’m such a fan of smoky teas that the aroma of Keemun 3 Monkey made my mouth water while I waited for it to steep.

Keemun 3 Monkey has small, black, tightly rolled, tippy leaves with a sweet, smoky, almost cocoa aroma. The infusion is a deep, rich, red color and the subtle smoky nose that is just delightful. My first sip had a predominately cocoa essence with some malty and understated pine notes. There are many delicate flavors at play in this tea, but they blend well to make a nice round cuppa. And the finish had that that delicate smokiness I adore.

I brewed Keemun 3 Monkey at 212 degrees for five minutes. I drank my first cup plain and it was lovely, but I added some almond milk to my second cup and it was even better. Culinary Teas actually recommends that you add a little milk to this tea to help the flavor develop, and I have to admit that a little almond milk did help me enjoy Keemun 3 Monkey even more.

The Culinary Teas website is one of my favorites for the extensive information provided for every tea they sell. I sincerely appreciate the effort these ladies take in educating people about tea in a fun and interesting way. I have to say that this description of Keemun 3 Monkey’s bouquet from the Culinary Teas website is one of my favorites, “The aroma of 3 Monkey is somewhat difficult to describe. One is tempted to describe the subtle scents with that of long unopened jewelry boxes, with hints of incense or distant pine.” This is a strange and seemingly unappetizing description, but when I drank my first cup of Keemun 3 Monkey I totally understood this oddly spot on description. This is a very subtle but complex tea that gives your taste buds a workout. Keemun 3 Monkey may not be the highest grade Keemun you can buy, but it makes for a damn fine cup of tea.

— To purchase Culinary Teas Keemun 3 Monkey Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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