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Raven’s Teaview Snapshot
Thumbs up!"The tea's scent is delicious and does well to bring in multi-berry action that also sweetly animates the mellow reediness of the lemongrass and green tea."
Raven’s Teaview: 7.9/10
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Dant dant de daaahhhh, up, up and awaaaay, it’s superfruit to save the day! And to save all tastebuds from evil emptiness. This hero of hot beverages springs not from the Halls of Justice but from Tiesta teas, a company offering a lot of unique fruity blends containing just about everything but krypton. With five lines of inspiration to choose from as Energizers, Slenderizers, Relaxers, Immunity and Forever Young, there’s blends of each type of tea, as well as a number of tisanes. Yet, spotting their Goji Superfruit through web space in the Forever Young leagues, it seemed a heroic choice as a first to try from its uniquely, animated character. The tea’s cape is packed with pomegranate seeds, lemongrass, goji berries and green tea, although, it is a blueberry, pomegranate, goji berry tea.

As the tea flew in, fresh from the phone booth, it catches the eye immediately with its colourful savvy. The purplish blue of the cornflowers, ruby red goji berries and rosy tan of the few pomegranate seeds pop through the dark olive green tea and light green, celadon and beige lemongrass. The brightness of the costume and the generous bedazzling of whole goji berries decree the tea has some power up its sleeves. While the green tea is a bit rougher, with various sizes of dry broken leaves folded in a pseudo sencha style, it does provide a nice contrast and it has an even colour. The tea's mission is clear though, opening up the package, as its dullness defying aroma whips onto the scene. Its sweet artillery blazes with a dried berry scent that hovers between dried blueberries, currants and rosehips. The bouquet has a fresh ferocity from the points of jamminess and tang with a pleasing moist, supple quality to the dried berry notes. The berries shine through a more herbal reediness, presumably of the green tea and lemongrass but it may also be partly from the added flavour. It has a bit drier tone that isn’t vegetal or green scented or papery but more like long freshly dried grasses which pulls out the rosehip spin on the fruity aromas. But the reediness is subtler and it's the berry flash that starts the excitement.

To amp up the action and get the super goji in gear, I infused one teaspoon for three minutes based on the general suggestions from Tiesta Tea for their green teas. While the cup glows as if full of kryptonite, it harnesses its powers purely for good. The bam of the medium strong bouquet is packing berry by leaps and bounds. Warm, dried berries with both red and blue fruitiness and a shazam of sweetness like buttered sugar, shoot through a shield of soothing lemongrass. It’s a natural fruitiness without any medicinal or artificial overtones that seems mostly blueberry and black currant but there’s red notes too, that have some likeness to rosehips. So it does animate its character with a sellable, super goji medley. The green tea also joins in with the lemongrass with light herbal, slightly buttery, reedy aromas, like bay leaves dipped in cream cheese. With such action in the tea's aroma, the flavour is surprisingly quite a bit lighter, with a milder berry bouncing through the green tea reediness. While the green tea powers the sip, a mixed berry fruitiness, most like dried red and black currants and blueberry, dives in at the end with a blast of sweetness. It’s a deliciously smooth berry flavour and very real, although it doesn’t really pop with a fruity tang or brightness to make it very level on the palate and not as depth defying. The flavour actually seems quite like the bouquet and kind of dried fruit like, rather than morphing into its own flavour alter ego. It is a lovely, tasty flavour but the herbaceousness of the lemongrass almost seems to deflect the berriness somewhat rather than accentuate its fruitiness, as a green lantern lights more of the sip. A bit of astringency zips through the light to medium body with mini lightening bolts on the tongue to make it a bit less smooth but it has a marvelous natural sweetness making it easy to drink solo. Finishing on the berry quickly, the berry builds in one’s mouth along with a stalk-like flavour from the green tea. Since I've never had goji berries, I don’t know if it’s so goji, but it is super and fruity with bolts of blueberry and kind of pomegranate likeness to its uniform which on tea streets, itself, is an act of wonder.

The berry triumph is soon called to rescue an empty cup,. Flashing the bat sign, I mean brew sign, to bring the kettle back into battle, a second infusion restores the peace. The bouquet still surges with a fruity sweetness joining forces with more of the green tea to maintain an almost undaunted fragrance. The aroma seems more citrusy and drier with a thrust of lemon lime tang to the warm stalky scents of the green tea, as dried berriness flies in. The berry continues with a blueberry vibe with a twist of currant or pomegranate kind of redness. Yet, there’s only a small flourish of berry bounding through the cup that seems more rosehip-like. The green tea adds some nourishment to hang in the light to medium body, as the dryness rises, thrusting the flow nicely but it also leaves one’s mouth a bit dry feeling. A third plunge of the leaves further combats dullness with a vivid hue and maintains a shield of berry in the aroma, however, it’s berry forces don’t really extend into the cup.

With thirst banished, Tiesta’s Tea’s Goji Superfruit does fight a cup’s boredom. It’s not a one hero show as the blueberry seems to lead the pack but there is a action medley to back it up. And that is quite the feat, considering there are no blueberries in the tea. It is also grand the green tea comes through with a mellow getaway car that doesn’t quench the shine of fruitiness, even if it might not be the smoothest ride. But regardless, Goji Superfruit has enough sweet tasty power to save any flavourless afternoon.

— To purchase Tiesta Tea Gojiberry Superfruit, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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