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Thumbs up!"Just as the mint is cooling down, a sweet, thicker flavor of chocolate enters the scene, enjoyable and leaving a slightly alcoholic chocolate flavor behind, as from a liqueur. All the flavors get a chance to shine in this blend."
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I'm a real chocolate lover and think I could probably eat a little bit of high quality chocolate every day. That's something I don't do, though, so I do look around for satisfying alternatives and have been surprised by many of the enjoyable chocolate teas and tisanes there are out there. My husband is a great fan of mint and chocolate combined and while at first I wasn't swayed by this pairing, it's come to grow on me and I was eager to try this one out.

The blend is simple to look at. I have to admit that while Tea Licious mentions chocolate chips in the ingredients of this tisane, my well skilled chocolate searching eye did not locate any. I did see an attractive and simple blend of rooibos with peppermint leaf and some tiny flower petal shreds. The chocolate mint flavor is evident and has great resonance.

I used two teaspoons of the blend per 8 ounces of water and I boiled it and allowed a five minute steep. Tea Licious recommends steeping 6 to 8 minutes at 185 degrees which is a different preparation than I usually use for rooibos and I didn't try their recommended treatment. I was very impressed with the results of my typical rooibos preparation though.

I won't say that the first words upon sipping this cup were "Tea-Licious" but it was pretty close to that. This is a fragrant, tasty blend that represents all the flavors included very well. You can distinctly pick up mint, rooibos and chocolate. For the first infusion, I noted the flavors in roughly that order. There's a minty sweet freshness that is good tasting and benefits from the full backing of body and flavor that the rooibos provides. The mint is definitely breathy and minty but doesn't leave such a strong presence in your mouth that you feel you've been brushing your teeth. In fact, just as the mint is cooling down, a sweet, thicker flavor of chocolate enters the scene, enjoyable and leaving a slightly alcoholic chocolate flavor behind, as from a liqueur. It seems all the flavors get a chance to shine, and at the same time don't come across so separately that you can't enjoy the effects they have on one another.

For the second infusion, which is well worth preparing (and it's pretty easy to do since you can just pour in more water and allow it to steep basically as long as you need), the flavor profile reversed itself in terms of order. I noticed the rooibos and chocolate most strongly with a closing of mint in the background that was excellent.

I really enjoyed this blend. It was simple and good tasting. Everything worked well together and all the flavors were represented well. I would not say this is a tisane that would be a chocolate lovers panacea for cravings. There's plenty of mint in the mix and any true chocolate lover will recognize this at once. When you are looking for a good dessert blend that has a nice balance of mint and chocolate, this one should be on your list of tisanes to try. Sweet and refreshing and delicious.

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