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Its OK"Malty with hints of graham cracker, but overall very flat and heavy."
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I was unable to locate this particular blend on the BOH website, so I can only assume that it is a newer blend that has not yet been added to the BOH online catalog. So while this tea is a blend, I am unable to describe what leaves are blended in this particular offering, although I must assume all of the leaves are from the Cameron Highland tea gardens of Malaysia, which is the source of BOH tea leaves. This tea was not too impressive, visually speaking. The tea leaves were such small pieces that they resembled coffee grinds more than tea leaves. I could not find any contents that were bigger than specks or dust. Based on my prior experiences with similar sized leaves, I cut back my standard three minute black tea infusion time to two minutes. In hindsight, I probably should have cut back another thirty seconds, as these leaves sure do brew fast since they are such tiny particles. The resulting tea was dark and opaque, and very heavy in flavor. The flavor was malty with hints of graham cracker, but overall very flat and heavy. I sampled it straight up at first, but really wasn't enjoying the heaviness of the tea. I added milk and sugar, which made the tea a bit more palatable and enhanced the malty flavor of the leaves, but still, could not hide the heavy and flat properties of this tea. This is the kind of tea I would recommend to coffee drinkers who are looking for a tea whose sturdiness can match that of coffee. I don't think that those who routinely drink tea and are used to lighter and more flavorful teas will be too impressed with this. Overall, I would have to say that while I would drink this again if it was served to me, it is still my least favorite of the BOH offerings that I have sampled so far.

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