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Its OK"On the dry side of astringent. Needs milk and/or sugar to taste its best."
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This tea did not have  as  nice a flavor of some of BOH's other tea bag blends.   It was a fine dust that had an astringent smell and flat flavor--if you could call it a flavor.  The taste was pleasant enough, but it disappeared before I could identify or explain it. Black tea, even the lower-quality dusts you find in teabags, usually fills up my mouth and keeps the taste buds company. This one only registered on the very tip of my tongue, and left my mouth feeling dry,  empty, and lonely!

Perhaps BOH intends this for one of its unusual (to American tea drinkers,) products.

BOH is the number one tea retailer in Malaysia. They sell full leaf tea, tea bags, herbal teas,  pre-mixed iced teas and--get this-- instant tea mixed with non dairy creamer and sugar, which they call "BOH 3 in 1." Talk about convenience!  Lastly, they  sell a product called "Teacino" which is similar to the 3 in 1, but flavored with vanilla, or caramel, or plain milk and sugar.

BOH has a lot of products that might benefit from this tart little dust known as "SPE TBD."   I think it would mix well with creamer and sweetener.  But I don't drink it that way. Straight up, its a little dry for my taste.  I rank it a 5.

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