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Thumbs up!"sweet, fruity, and minty flavors combine to produce a tasty, though somewhat medicinal-seeming, brew."
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Herbal Infusions is a Canada-based tea company, and their orange creamsicle is the first of their varied line that I have sampled. This tisane consists of apple and sour apple pieces, whole cape gooseberries, spearmint, flavouring, marigold blossoms, and safflowers. I find this to be an interesting ingredients list given the name of the tea, and any orange flavor must be included under the "flavouring". While disappointed to see that real oranges and vanilla were not included in this tea to achieve an orange creamsicle flavor, I will comment that the ingredients that are included do appear to be of fairly high quality; fruit pieces, leaves, and petals were all large in size and easily distinguishable from each other. I proceeded with the preparation of the tea by steeping the leaves for six minutes in boiling water. The tea comes out a yellowish-amber color that is somewhat comparable in shade to apple cider, although this tea is more transparent than cider. Despite using a fine mesh, there was quite a bit of small particles (mostly what appeared to be tiny pieces of flower petals) floating in the tea which eventually settled to the bottom and sides of my teacup. The first thing I noticed about this tea was its intense sweetness. This is a seriously sweet tea, and even those with a fierce sweet tooth should agree that additional sugar is not in any way necessary. The fruit flavors dominate over the mint flavors, with floral notes being a minor addition to the tea's finish. The fruit flavors are tart yet still very sweet, while the mint is mellow and not too pungent. Altogether, this tea offers a fairly unique flavor with sweet, fruity, and minty flavors that combine to produce a tasty, though somewhat medicinal-seeming, brew.

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