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Thumbs up!"This Dragonwell has a really light, buttered-sweet-green-bean flavor. A Long Jing at the top of its game. "
Troy’s Teaview: 9/10
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cantonsuperiordragonwellCanton tea company was kind enough to supply some additional notes with this tea, I'd be remiss for not passing them on to give you a little context to my comments. Much more information is actually available in the listing for this tea found on their website, a nice addition I wish more vendors would supply. It might not actually mean anything to a given customer when his leaves were harvested, or the name of the plantation, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

Packed in the UK
Harvest Date: Spring 2011
Batch #: 2216018

There was a bit more, but it was rather obvious information, like the tea being from china, and being a green tea, as well as the size of my review sample which isn't exactly meaningful information. The leaves in the bag were whole, unbroken, but covered in just a bit of tea dust adding Matcha-like aroma's to the roasted smell of the Long Jing. I'm not sure if the addition of dust was an intentional part of their process, or simply a happy accident, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Its also worth mentioning that they recommend "Quite a lot of leaves" so you may wish to make sure you've bought just a bit more than you think you'd need, at least after you've determined the value of that instruction to you.

There is quite a lot of yellow mottling on these leaves, leaves which I mostly steeped to their directions, although I generally just wait till all the leaves have fallen to sip, as they usually do so within a few minutes. Immediately it begins to take on vegetable soup notes, and the flavor is really rich and strong. It comes across almost like a green bean consume, if those three words make any sense strung together. This Dragonwell has a really light, buttered-sweet-green-bean flavor. A Long Jing at the top of its game. The finish is just a bit sweet, in a natural plant sugars way, not in a saccharine way, which just sort of fades away, like a sheer bed-sheet sliding off a mattress. The flavor holds very well through quite a few steeping sessions, the less water and more leaf you use, the more steeping sessions you'll pull out of it, with four teaspoons full in a small mug I got three, and a mild fourth. Definitely recommended.

— To purchase Canton Tea Co. Superior Dragon Well Green Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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