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Thumbs up!"What amazes me is that this tea not only helps induce sleep, it tastes wonderful. I think California Tea House did a great job of combining healthy function, with taste."
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Sleep is often quite elusive for many of us, myself included. I love chai tea and was really intrigued with the concept of a tea that would make me sleepy. I must admit I was skeptical... so skeptical that the first time I tried this tea, it was early evening (much to early to go to bed)

California Tea House describes their bedtime chai, saying
"...we reworked our bedtime blend with more creaminess with a bit of chai excitement, but with twice the Valerian power. Our new and improved 'knock out' tea is now ready to go. This time we used organic honeybush for its natural soothing qualities. We added in Chamomile blossoms, cinnamon for some 'chai' zing, toasted rice and whole cloves. Finally, we topped it off with all organic vanilla pieces, organic nutmeg and a nice dose of organic valerian root."

I followed the directions, bringing fresh water to a full boil and steeping for 10 minutes. I chose the longer steeping time, thinking that the longer the valerian had to steep, the more it might work. (Valerian root is known for inducing sleep).

I am not typically a fan rooibos tea. I can usually drink one cup, but the flavor kind of puts me off and I don't usually want any more for a long time. However, this was an amazingly delicious tea! The spices blended really well with the rooibos. The complex mixture of ingredients created a very creamy, gently spicey tea. I added a tiny bit of honey and it was perfect!

Several minutes after finishing my first cup, I got very sleepy! I know it wasn't a placebo effect, because I wasn't expecting it to work. And it wasn't time for bed. I struggled with sleepiness for over an hour (maybe I even dozed a bit on the couch) before it began to wear off.

The next evening, I found myself wanting the flavor of another cup, but this time I waited until bedtime. Once again, I got sleepy. But this time, I went to bed and got a good nights sleep.

What amazes me is that this tea not only helps induce sleep, it tastes wonderful. I think California Tea House did a great job of combining healthy function, with taste. The honeybush, valerian and chamomile are calming, the cloves and cinnamon are gently mixed in for as a spicy background and the vanilla and toasted rice create a smooth creamy body. I could definitely drink this tea every night!

— To purchase California Tea House Bedtime Chai, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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