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Thumbs up!"A delightful citrus and black tea infusion in a style that really does recall English regals to mind."
Chelsy’s Teaview: 8/10
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I begin by stating that I have no idea what promise Lord William whispered into this tea- but it sure is good! Now see here, typically I am not a fan of the rebellious insurgent citrus in tea (ie lemons and limes) because their zest has a funky way of giving off way too many aromatic and non-aromatic compounds for anyone without a history in organic chemistry to understand. Thus, the use of such ingredients makes them a risk factor- because they are indeed an unknown variable. This tea tastes like it may contain lemon- but it doesn't list any lemon or citrus. The ingredients listed are, "Spearmint leaves, Camomile, Brambleberry and Mallow with China and Ceylon black tea." No lemon. So where is that delicious, subtle and mysterious flavour coming from? I have no idea. Truthfully on the second go round it tasted a bit like bergamot (the traditional fruit to plant in Earl Grey. This makes more sense to me since it is an English style tea, but again, it's not in the ingredient roster.

I brewed Lord William's Promise at boiling (which all black teas must be brewed at) for three minutes. I believe this tea would be qualified BOP- which literally stands for broken orange pekoe. "Orange" stands for the the Dutch Royal Family of Orange- and tea fit for royalty means high quality. So you have orange pekoe (OP), which means completely whole leaves, and adding a B to the front of OP means that those leaves are large but broken. Three minutes was a little strong, so I knocked it down to two and a half and it seemed, to my palate, much smoother. There's a refreshing aroma that wafts right out of the cup and feels like it cleanses my airways. Honestly, from a holistic perspective this is very much like an earl grey without any creaminess whatsoever. I like the flavours, I appreciate the twist on a traditional, but it is a tea that I am glad to have tried, but will not restock.

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