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Thumbs up!"this tea delivers a solid matcha flavor- it is certainly green in nature but the sweetness is what is most easily noticed"
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A while back, I reviewed a series of flavored matcha teas from Red Leaf Tea. It appears that they now have a line of new and/or improved matcha offerings, including some very unique flavors. Their bee pollen matcha was the first of my samples that I chose to prepare. I don't have much experience with bee pollen, but I do know that it is touted for its lengthy list of health benefits (many of which are mentioned on Red Leaf's webpage for this product). The Red Leaf website also mentions that bee pollen contains up to 40% high-quality protein. I guess the idea here is to mix an already healthy matcha tea base with another healthy ingredient to create a super-duper healthy drink. Sounds good to me, but of course, it has to taste good in order for anyone to drink it and reap the benefits of the ingredients. Lucky for us, Red leaf Tea succeeds in this aspect.
Based on appearance, it is hard to distinguish this matcha from an ordinary, unflavored matcha, as the bee pollen must be ground into very fine pieces and the green color of the matcha powder does a good job of concealing any ground bee pollen. The powder is a vivid green color that falls somewhere in between spring and mossy green hues. The powder has a very sweet, green aroma. I prepared the tea using Red leaf's guidelines: I added 180-degree water to a bowl containng approximately 1/2 tsp of the matcha and whisked vigorously to produce a froth. I then added more hot water to taste. This tea is quite tasty as matchas go. Since I have never had bee pollen before, I don't know what it tastes like on its own or if I should expect a substantial flavor contribution. What I can say is that this tea delivers a solid matcha flavor- it is certainly green in nature but the sweetness is what is most easily noticed. I found that I enjoyed every sip of this tea, from when I began drinking it immediately after it was prepared to the remaining sips in my cup that had cooled to room temperature. It is light and fresh and very enjoyable. This appears to be a good-quality matcha offering as well as an ideal way to consume bee pollen for its health benefits. In short, this is an all-around tasty tea.

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