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Thumbs up!"The flavor of this tea is pretty incredible; despite the mossy green color, it is easy to mistake this beverage as a sweet and calorie-laden hot chocolate."
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I love matcha. And I loooooooooooove chocolate. So put the two together, and what's not too like? That was my thinking as I approached my sample of Belgium Chocolate Matcha from Red Leaf Tea. I was pleased to see that the ingredients list for this tea was rather simple (matcha and Belgium Chocolate powder) and that artificial flavors or other additives were not involved. The aroma of the powder is rich and authentic, and would satisfy any chocoholic. I found myself repeatedly opening my packet of matcha just so I could get a whiff of the chocolately deliciousness. I prepared this tea following the Red Leaf Tea guideline by adding about 3 ounces of 180-degree water to 1.5 teaspoona of the powder (Side note: Red Leaf Tea does not have a generic recommendation for preparing their many different flavored matchas, but rather they offer specialized guidelines for each flavor) . I whisked vigorously to produce a froth. Through experimentation with different water-to-tea rations, I learned that using less than 1.5 teaspoons of tea per 3 ounces results in the inabiluty to really achieve a substantial froth. The flavor of this tea is pretty incredible; despite the mossy green color, it is easy to mistake this beverage as a sweet and calorie-laden hot chocolate. When prepared right, this tea is rich and smooth, but certainly not too heavy. Anyone looking for a healthier substitute to higher calorie dessert drinks (such as hot cocoa, chai lattes and frappucinos) should check out this offering, as it really does offer a satisfying sweet flavor that can compete with those other drinks. I personally found that this was much better taken immediately as a hot drink than as the less traditional chilled variety. On my third cup of this matcha, I decided to try some of this matcha cooled, and while it wasn't an altogether unpleasant experience, I did notice that the flavor profile had changed a little bit, with the rich chocolatey flavor seeming to have a bit of an odd and unexplained fruitiness as well. My only issue with this tea was that the flavor of the matcha was rather hard to discern, as the chocolate flavor pretty much dominated the cup. I've found that chocolate and matcha complement each other quite well, so I would have appreciated being able to taste the matcha too and not just the chocolate. All in all, however, this is a delicious chocolate tea that will satisfy a chocolate craving.

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